Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tablescape Heaven - Les Tables Decoratives de Stef

I love tablescapes, dishes and the accoutrements. My husband has asked me to stop buying dishes for a while and I have slowed down a bit but it hasn't stopped my passion for the plate. When I first discovered blogging, my husband's cousin sent me a link that has been one of my favorite stops for tablescape eye candy. I just have to share it and my guess is that this will be one of your favorites too. Click here for tablescape heaven Les Tables Decoratives de Stef.

Here's just a tablespoon of what's on the table

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  1. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the link! I can't wait to go see what's in store! And already I love the name...frenchy, of course! lol Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Your talking to another plate lover here sister! I haven't ever joined in on any of the tabelscape blogs but I should. It looks like alot of fun.

    Thank you for the link, I'll go check it out.

  3. Oh yes from one plate lover to another, thanks for the link. I could slow down but don't know if I could quit! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That tablescape was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the site.