Saturday, March 27, 2010

Signs of Spring

Normally we all start getting excited when the flowers start blooming and we see signs of spring such as this. It is such a thrill to walk out the front door and see the daffodils and hyacinths in full bloom.

This week I received a different sign of spring in my email box and I was so excited about it! Pictures!

It's time for baseball - well actually, softball! I never really played much but my kids did and growing up we went to lots of Braves games (even during the years when they never won and the old stadium was near empty).

It was so exciting to see my grandgirl playing and she loves it!

Happy Spring! Play ball!!


  1. Yes, spring has sprung over here in England too where, just occasionally, the sun has a little hint of warmth in it and our dog, old Sally, has taken up her summertime position in the south-facing conservatory doorway so as to catch every scrap of her beloved sunshine.

  2. You are so right - spring just isn't about flowers - although flowers are beautiful - spring is about baseball. Good luck to her team! sandie

  3. What wonderful photos of your cute grand daughter softball player! I think it's so nice now that girls can play..I would have loved to do this as a child, but unfortunately there were no teams for girls.

  4. I asked my mom just today when baseball season starts! She's a big fan. I always know it's really Spring when she begins telling me scores!

  5. Just stopping by from Sue's, hope you don't mind.

    Your granddaughters look adorable. I want to be a grandmother sooo bad but I just keep telling myself "all in due time Linda!"

    Yes, spring is in the air. Today I cleaned, organized, rearranged, created...these are sure signs of spring!