Sunday, February 28, 2010

Germany Is Just Around the Corner

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I'm starting to get excited about an upcoming trip. We are going to Germany for spring break and to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary! The idea came up about 4 weeks ago and April seemed so far away but now March is here.

My oldest son and daughter-in-law live in Germany and we are taking our grandgirls with us for a spring break visit. We have travel plans galore though I am a little worried about traveling over Easter. Many of the places may be closed because Good Friday and Easter Monday are official holidays in Germany. We have secured hotel stays (except for one night) but hopefully we can get this resolved this week. If things go as planned we will be visiting France (Strasbourg) and traveling down the Romantic Road. Tourism is easy when the country designates travel routes such as The Romantic Road and The Fairy Tale Road.

We had planned to take the girls to Charleston for Spring Break until this opportunity came along. I must say that I am going to miss the warm beach break but I can't wait to explore Bavaria!

I have a work trip to D.C. before our vacation and there is a very special exhibit I hope to squeeze while in D.C. Can't wait to tell you about that. Meanwhile I'll keep planning and dreaming about fairytale castles, half-timbered houses and the Alps.

The FETE DU CITRON is happening in Menton France. I hope to one day visit during the festival but in the meantime I participate online visiting here.


  1. Jojo, that sounds like a dream trip! Can't wait to hear all about it! Happy upcoming 30th Anniversary also!

  2. What a fun plan!

    I'm going to Costa Rica in April, but not on Spring Break - - - I'm going as a sponsor with the class of 2010 from our school for their senior trip.

  3. That sounds like an awesome trip. You get to go to Germany, celebrate your anniversary, take your granddaughters, and visit your son and DIL - a win - win - win - win situation.


    Have no idea what I want to be when I grow up!

  4. I love Germany and the German people but I've never been so far south. My friend of many years lives in Oldenburg, near Bremen in the north and Hannover is about the farthest south I've been. Have a wonderful trip.

  5. Oh how WONDERFUL!!! I am so excited to see you pictures, I have always wanted to go there and Happy 3Oth!!

  6. What a fun trip for you and the girls and Charleston will always be there. Glad you laughed at my post but you would not have laughed if you were there. Sue and I will call you for lunch (some place good) after your wonderful anniversary trip. Have fun.

  7. What a wonderful place to travel to...I have been many times and it's one of my favorite vacation spots....There is a fabulous museum right off the square in Munich that the girls will love....and if you are anywhere near Heidelberg there is a Castle high up on the Rhine called Marksburg that is for tours in English if you are near it is a must see.....

  8. How exciting! I've never been in Germany!

  9. Hi Cheryl! Oh how much fun you will have! I have been to Strasbourg...loved it! The cathedral is gorgeous! Drink some Gewurztraminer and be sure to eat some sauerkraut (choucroute in French)...very good and not at all like it is here! It's a whole meal! Yum! Thanks for the link to Menton...lovely! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  10. What a wonderful trip Cheryl! There is nothing like touring a little bit of old Europe.

    I was in Italy for Easter years ago and the hotels still served food and some other services were available.

    Happy 30th Anniversary in advance! What a fantastic way to celebrate plus see your son and DIL who you must miss so much!

    Safe travels.

    I'm off to visit the links in your post.