Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

This weekend our grandgirls were here with us and we were busy doing all sorts of things including some climbing at Atlanta Rocks and watching some movies. One of the things that I thought might be especially fun was to make some valentine placemats. I wasn't sure if the girls had ever sewn but I thought they would be able to sew placemats fairly easily and figured that if they didn't get them finished that I could easily finish them in time for them to take them home on Sunday.I had picked out a really cute fabric and bought several different ribbons and trims so that they could add a little extra something to their placemat.
The girls loved sewing on the machine and when I realized just how much they liked sewing, I got out the needle and thread so they could do some hand-sewing. The craft project was a big hit!!It makes me so happy to know that this week they are going to celebrate the week with their own special hand-made valentine. Now they are already asking what they can make the next time they come to visit.


  1. how fun, and sweet! What a great idea...I will file it away for the day I have a grandbaby.

  2. Now, I'm getting ready to become a Grandma, but I don't have a sewing machine. Oh, that would be fun. We're expecting a boy, so the sewing machine can wait—unless of course he shows interest in handcrafted items. I will certainly be exploring that!

    Thanks for your Valentine comments! I, too remember the fun of making our Valentine boxes or folders that hung on the bulletin boards. Wasn't it great fun?

    One year, I had the mumps and all my Valentines had to be delivered to me.

    Have a super special day!

  3. What a wonderful gift you are giving to the girls - sewing isn't taught so much anymore. Cute projects. sandie

  4. This is such a wonderful idea...My daughter has a crafts day a few times a week with Miss B and they have the best time....last week they made puppets from paper bags...Miss B loves working with googly eyes and pompoms....I can't wait for her to get the sewing took daughter 30 some years to catch it and now she sews up a storm...I'm sure you have seen B's calendars....daughter makes all her costumes....I have to get back to Jersey so I can be there to join in on the fun....Enjoy those beautiful granddaughters!

  5. Adorable!
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  6. Oh...This is my kinda day! Wow! Truly awesome. How wonderful you are teaching them to sew already. My girl is very interested and I think I'll wait until the summer to put her on my machine. She is already designing clothes on paper. Your grandkids looked like they were really enjoying themselves. So many possibilities and great to hear they are excited for the next project! Brava!!!!

  7. It was nice to see your sweet grand daughters Cheryl! The placemats was a nice craft for them to make. I think all little girls enjoy sewing.