Monday, June 22, 2009

A Tiny Place

Have you ever wanted to live in a tiny place? I don't know why but a tiny house or a tiny space has always appealed to me. Yes, I know you have to clean out, throw away and minimize but it seems so cozy to find that perfect tiny spot. Do any of you subscribe to the WikiHow? Today's WikiHow is how to live in a tiny house and I just couldn't believe it! It means that I am not the only person imagining a perfect life in a tiny place. In fact I discovered companies specializing in tiny home plans!! Take a look at some of the tiny places one could call home.
The Katrina Cottages were a beautiful response to a tragedy.

It made me laugh to just thinking about the Tiny Texas Cottages....I thought everything was BIG in Texas!

Guess I will just keep dreaming of more tiny places . . . .


  1. Yeah maybe when I was a little girl. I've seriously got too much stuff. These are precious though.

  2. Those Katrina Cottages - the yellow one, right? If you leave off the porch they look just like the beach huts they have over here in England in some seaside towns. For some reason they have got so expensive in recent years - and I mean SERIOUSLY expensive - and there is even a waiting list for them!

    I think you could live happily ever after in our house. It is incredibly small. No point having more than one bathroom - there's nowhere to put another one anyway. As for a walk in wardrobe (closet?), forget it. You do have to make good use of every little inch though and resist 'collecting' things. I'm not the best person to live in a place s small but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Hubby is one of those people who NEVER throws things away "in case they might be useful one day".

  3. What a lovely post, Jojo!
    i would have much to say in favor of small spaces...i love tiny cabins and gazebos, roulottes.
    I've actually been wanting to put a roulotte in my patio.
    In France i used to live first in a big flat, loft type in Paris then a big house in the country side and i always felt i had a problem to invest/invade the space totally. I'm tiny and do feel lost in a big house.
    Like you, the idea of a tiny place is very appealing, like a cocoon in fact but then for work reasons, i need the space to store my stuff. I also need my dressing room!
    I watched the video....this little guy's house is incredible but i wonder if he ever gets cabin fever..
    what do you think?

  4. These are lovely. Dreamy, as a matter of fact. I have always loved dollhouses and dreamed of living inside of one when was a child...I think I still do!

  5. OM goodness! That video is just too strange...I cannot imagine living in 100 square feet. Just let me have some elbow room so I can move. They are cute though!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  6. I love tiny places..Martha's Vineyard has a beautiful little community of them..Took my breath away!Just saw UP! Your post reminded me of it!

  7. to imagine isn't it?

  8. Hi Carol!

    I hope all is well and that you are having a happy summer and had a happy 4th of July!

    I kind of feel like a live in a tiny house should see my mini closets! The first house is adorable. I never heard of WikiHow --thanks for the link!

  9. Cheryl, these are precious...they make me think of a storybook cottage. I'd love one in my back yard...a place to write and dream...and maybe sneak in a nap or two. :)