Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wilkerson Mill Gardens

If you live in Georgia, and you garden, chances are you 've heard of Wilkerson Mill Gardens. Elizabeth Dean is a well-known Georgia gardener who frequently speaks to gardening groups throughout the southeast. (Elizabeth is one of the names associated with hydrangeas). She and her husband Gene own Wilkerson Mill Garden located in Palmetto, Georgia and it's such a nice place to go to spend an afternoon. This past weekend I went to find a tree. The one in my front yard didn't survive last year's drought so I was looking to find a replacement.

Visiting Elizabeth's garden center isn't at all like visiting your local nursery. It's a little odd in that you are still in Fulton County, Georgia but you are in the deep woods when you get to Wilkerson Mill. Yes, there is an old mill on the grounds, and of course a stream, but there are also little seating areas where visitors can relax and just enjoy the bird symphony. While we were there 2 people came just to bird watch and I was so excited to spend an hour listening to my favorite bird song, sung by the wood thrush.

Gene is a terrific writer and one of the things I enjoy most when visiting, is taking my time reading all the plant descriptions. One will find puns, riddles and wit in many of the written descriptions. Elizabeth and Gene used to live in Atlanta and had a beautiful garden in Little Five Points. The scaled back and lived in a complex with a small urban garden. They used to keep photos of both of their breath-taking gardens on the website but they have changed some of their photos.
Oh yes, I got off track. We found our tree. It's a ginko. And I forgot to mention the fresh eggs that are also available down on the farm. If you love visiting unique gardens you might also enjoy the amazing experience in shopping for native plant at Towaliga Plants. Located near Macon, Georgia, this is another garden stop that is sure to please.


  1. Your lovely shell frame arrived yesterday, and it resides on my side column now (with a link to you). Thanks again!!!

  2. Just popped in to remind you that my giveaway ends Friday at noon. Didn't see your name there.
    *2nd post down.
    Good luck! : )

  3. Ooooh, a ginko, one of my very favorite tree. Their fluttering yellow leaves look so beautiful on the green grass in fall. It's abit too cool for them up here in OR but then, we do have exquisite dogwoods.

  4. Your area of Georgia looks so nice Carol. I'd love to visit a garden center like this.

    Ginko trees are lovely, but did you know it is wise not to buy a "female" one? The mature females make a type of nut that are very highly prized by Asian chefs but they also make a terrible mess and smell bad when they deteriorate..sort of a rotten smell. There is a very old female ginko tree near a public school in my area and I've found out both facts are true.
    Read this NY Botanical Garden article:
    I'm not sure, however, how you can tell a male from a female tree. Perhaps the garden center can tell you.

  5. What lovely gardens. A real oasis.
    Edith Piaf sings heartbreakingly.
    I agree.
    Love and hugs
    Eva Agnes

  6. You find the most amazing places in our area to visit. Thanks for sharing.