Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hampton's, Flowers and More . . So Much Going On!

I am so behind with posting and reading some of my favorite blogs but I have a good excuse. Almost two weeks ago my oldest son sent me an email saying he was getting married on July 18th. That's right - in just two weeks! My son and his fiance are in the military and his fiance is being sent to Germany on a four-year assignment. Needless to say we have been working on wedding preparations. Last weekend the mother of the bride flew in for the weekend. She, along with the bride to be, came to stay with us in Atlanta to do some wedding shopping - the dress, shoes, accessories, etc. The wedding is taking place in a small South Carolina town, Sumter, and my job is to organize the rehearsal dinner (renamed the "family dinner" by my son so not to make him nervous). His request was to find something nice that would be casual. That's a problem in Sumter. I spent hours searching the web and finally found a place - one that I think will be perfect. It's a new restaurant called Hampton's and they have al fresco dining in an area called the Alley Way. Their website is hard to find but the food sounds wonderful and the place looks to be exactly what I was hoping for. Have you ever planned a location event sight unseen? I'm a little nervous.

Meanwhile - what to wear? I'm a big fan of online shopping and I found a lovely dress for an outdoor wedding. It arrived on Thursday but it didn't fit well so Thursday night I spent hours going through websites looking for a dress. I finally found a beautiful dress at Nordstrom's on sale! The dress shipped over the weekend so if I don't like it - there is still time to find something else!

This weekend I've been busy stuffing candy boxes with black and white m&ms and making white tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces. Next weekend I'll be trying to perfect the bride & groom strawberries.

Here are pictures of the tissue paper flowers. Do they look better with the edges curled or with no curl? I appreciate you thoughts!

or Curled?

If you have other easy wedding tips or suggestions for the mother of the groom, please feel free to share. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Many congratulations to the couple and of course to you! It takes always so much time to finish all preparations for a wedding, but it will be lovely, I´m sure.
    I wish you a good time preparing all things.
    Many warm greetings, Marjolijn

  2. Wow. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Your son is so striking looking. The wedding sounds like it will be lovely. Will your son be joining his bride in Germany? As for the flowers...You know how much I love 'em! I really like the curled edges, too. Enjoy the preparations. What an exciting time. Can't wait to see photos...There will be photos of the event I hope!

  3. Cheryl, how exciting!
    I have been mother of the groom several times, so here are my 2-bits of advice:
    1. With a glad heart, do to the best of your ability EXACTLY what the bride-to-be wishes. That day will be the cornerstone of your relationship for a long time to come.
    2. Offer financial aid where it is needed and where it's in your budget.
    3. Compliment whatever they have set their hearts on.

    Roses: maybe a mix, like in a live bouquet, some closed others somewhat open? They are very pretty either way.

    They are a unusually attractive couple, and my very best wishes go to the two of them.

  4. Congratulations! What a surprise! You seem to have things under control. my advice is to relax and enjoy. I can say that now that my sons wedding is over!! I love the online shopping and used it when both of my children married, I hate dressing rooms and driving to the mall. I love the flowers, my vote is curled...they are so elegant. Have fun and try to keep us up to date. Congrats again to the lovely couple..;p

  5. Just have fun with all the plans. Florwers are great either way. I planned my daughters wedding from San Francisco and she was here in Atlanta and we had the wedding on Hilton Head. A little stressful but we had months to think about too many things so I sort of like your 2 week time line:) Best wishes to all and come back with lots of photos to share with all of us.

  6. Congratulations to your whole family Carol! They make a lovely couple. You've done so much in such a short time.

    Both flowers look so pretty but I think the curled edges make them look like lovely roses or peonies.

    My son got married in Washington DC and we had the rehearsal dinner in Virginia. I chose the location sight unseen and it turned out wonderful.

    My only suggestion is to make a basket for them to use after the wedding...I put in scented candles, bubble bath, a book of poetry, chocolates and a CD of romantic music. :-)

    Enjoy and give my best wishes to the happy couple!

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