Monday, March 30, 2009

Christine Sibley's Work Continues!

On Saturday, looking out the window, I wasn't inspired to do much of anything around the house and with the rain we had, yard work was out of the question. Every few months I get an idea for an adventure so we headed out in the pours of rain to a small town just south of us called Fairburn. Last week I posted about an artist Christine Sibley, sharing with you a reproduction of one of her pieces called Spring. An artist who worked with Christine just happens to have a studio a few miles away so we decided to go and see some of his work.

This guy doesn't advertise and he doesn't have a website so that he can connect with his clients. He does place work with just a few unique garden centers in the southeast but generally he makes his business by word of mouth.

Carlos Montano is the owner of Casa Montano - the artist's studio. Carlos produces fine and very unique garden statuary and other items. He painstakingly creates a mold to be able to create the work. A wall of molds

A mold for the top of a birdbath
The finished product

Here is a garden ornament inspired by an Italian mask that he made ito a mold. I purchased one of these that had a slight stain added. Here is a garden bench he had just completed. He has about 30 molds of European-style fireplace mantles that he makes for some of the McMansions in the Atlanta area. He also does restoration of antique statuary.

Below he is applying a finish to an intaglio.

I bought the Mother and Child pictured top and center. Carlos made this from an Italian antique statuary (click on the photo to enlarge).

If you are ever down near Fairburn it's worth stopping in to meet Carlos and see what he might be making. It is also kind of fun to meet some of his other clients. An interesting client was leaving when we arrived. She has just built a house made of clay (adobe) in north Georgia. It is built into the side of a mountain and she purchase Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall along with the elements Earth, Water Air and Fire as art for her home. Happy adventures!


  1. Hi Jojo,. what a cool trip to see the Artist, I would have loved this too. I love the bench he made...I'd love to visit him someday too! ;) ~CC Catherine

  2. I am so excited to read about your weekend venture and I love your purchase!

  3. Dear Jojo, thank you for your ´subscription´ as a follower... :)
    Nice to meet you and to discover your pages here! Are the two cute girls in your blog-banner your daughters? Very nice! I´ll take some more time to browse through your life and adventures.
    Sunny greetings from Belgium, Marjolijn

  4. I love adventures like that! Thank you for taking me along with you.