Monday, March 2, 2009

Remembering Paul Harvey 1918 - 2009

There has always been something comforting about listening to Paul Harvey. His shows were informative and I loved the personal advertising but the greatest thing about listening to his show was that it was always consistent. You knew you could always count on hearing "the rest of the story" when listening to his show. Whenever driving around and channel surfing if I heard his voice I always stopped to listen. Growing up in the Macon, Georgia area, Paul Harvey aired on a local a.m. radio so it was a show we grew up listening to and hearing his voice has always taken me back to a simpler time - if only for a short while. As an adult I listen to an oldies channel that still airs his program. Paul Harvey, thank you for the "Good Day."


  1. Hi Joy! It was great to meet you at the luncheon yesterday! ;) I decided to check your blog out and include myself as a follower! Thanks for paying tribute to Paul Harvey, I did not know he passed away. :( I also loved listening to him. He will be sorely missed. Thanks again! ;) ~CC Catherine