Saturday, February 28, 2009

Morning Ritual

My dad did it for my mom, my brother-in-law does it for my sister and as tradition would have it, my husband does it for me. What is it?

For 29 years my husband has brought me coffee in bed. Before I have even opened my eyes the aroma of the mug by my bedside sends a wake up call to my brain. I roll over and reach out, and there it is, a freshly ground, french-pressed cup of coffee. It is simply heaven and not something that I take for granted either. This ritual is one of the most treasured gifts that my dear husband has given me and believe me I cherish his loving kindness.

Call me spoiled but my dad did the same thing for my mom, well almost. Back in those days my dad would wake up early and "put the coffee on" - the language to be used when one percolates the coffee. In my mind's ear I still hear the sound of their Corning coffee pot being placed back on its holder on the kitchen counter. Back then my mom used Poppytrail's Sculptured Grape as her everyday china and I still treasure the memory of holding that coffee cup in my hand while siting at the kitchen table. Once the coffee was brewed, my dad lovingly placed a cup of coffee by my mom's bedside. Sadly, I don't think my mom ever realized what a kind gesture it was to have her coffee given to her before she even stepped out of bed. At our house we have assorted pottery mugs we use for morning coffee. My favorite mugs are the ones made by Polly the Potter, a well-known Atlanta potter (Polly Made Me is how she signs her work). You can enjoy dining or drinking coffee from Polly's pottery at Atlanta restaurants such as the Flying Biscuit, Stone Soup and Savage Pizza.

My husband has added a bonus gift to his weekend deliveries these days. Now in addition to my morning coffee, my husband has gotten into the habit of bringing me my laptop too. There are some things that husbands do that are just too outstanding for words and for me it's coffee and a laptop.


  1. What a sweetheart! A family of sweethearts!
    My hubby brings me a cup too occasionally and I LOVE it!
    I love that cup. One day I'm going to have to drive down to Atlanta and search out those restaurants!

  2. Wow, Jojo. What a good man you have there. Sadly, I can't even imagine that there is a man on this earth that would do that for me. Wow. Wow. Is all I can think. I am so happy to hear you have such a loving husband. What a blessing. Good to know that you don't take it for granted. You have just restored some hope for my heart...

  3. Cheryl, thank you for noticing I was "silent". Nothing horrible happened, I was just really busy.
    I am SO SO glad your son is coming home. I hope he won't have to return again. My dear friend's son who is stationed in Fort Lewis is about to leve for a second tour of duty and it's hard on her.

    One thing I love when I visit friends is to be catered to for a few mornings.
    When I was married , I was the one who brought tea to my husband.
    I have been single for a long time so when i want a cup of tea in bed, I first have to get up to make it. Then I nestle back in and read for an hour in the morning, one advantage of retirement.

    I need to check to see if my sons are doing right by their spouse/companion ;-)

  4. What a sweet gesture!

    Before we were married my husband told me his Mom use to wake him up with a cup of espresso every morning when he was a teenager into a young adulthood. I told him not to expect the same treatment from me I am a reluctant morning was one of the reasons I worked the night shift for many years.

  5. That is such aweet thing to do! Did you get your snow - I could send you some!!
    Interesting Rosie blog-I think it is important that we hear their stories.My Mom lived in Holland during the war and has lots of stories -some pretty difficult.My Dad was a Canadian soldier over there so Mom came over as awar bride after the war.

  6. Mine too. Actually it's on my blog description. It's the best...

  7. That is so sweet! Enjoyed meeting you today at the luncheon. Beautiful grand daughters and what wonderful work you do with mentoring.