Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sun & Lighting

It has been a gorgeous weekend so far making it impossible not to spend most of the daylight hours working in the yard. While my son and I were cleaning and mulching flower beds and soaking in the sun, my husband was rewiring some sconces we just purchased on ebay for $16. The wiring is complete but we still need to get the shades for these iron sconces.

Recently we have stumbled on to several beautiful light fixtures that after a little rewiring and rework have made lovely additions to our home.
The pair of sconces were totally reworked and are now gracing my bedroom walls.

Found this Murano glass chandelier on the internet 3 years ago. My girlfriend just bought one for a few thousand but I bought mine for just $300! This was new but after looking around I know that I found a deal.

This French floral lamp was an unbelievable bargain purchased at Scott's Antique Market. We try to go shopping after lunch on Sunday afternoon when the vendors are packing to go home. They are usually willing to really bargain if it means a sale and a lighter load.

This was a Ginori lamp found on a Sunday afternoon last summer for only $75. One of my friends who is an appraiser for French porcelains questioned whether Ginori produce lamps in the early 1900's. He explained that many times people would have lamps made from certain pieces. We confirmed it must be a lamp since there is a finial that obviously matches the lamp.

We found this lovely lamp just two weeks ago and it happens to be my favorite. I am using this as a bedside lamp and I am proud to say we found this one for only $35. With a new shade and new wiring it is as good as new.

Today I will be going back out in the sun but as the sun goes down I will be enjoying beautiful lighting indoors.


  1. JoJo you have a good eye for beauty and value! All your lamps are beautiful and I especially love the Murano glass chandelier!

    Have a good week

    Hugs, Pat

  2. I adore lighting! Like jewelry for the home. These are wonderful finds!! Good job!!