Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sculptor Welcomes Spring

A decade or so ago, I helped found a garden club. It was a great garden club and in the process of working with the organization, I had the opportunity to meet many famous and some not so famous but incredible Georgia gardeners, Master Gardeners and horticulturalists. Many of these folks have appeared on Erica Glasener's The Gardener's Diary through the years and one such gardener is Greg Luna. Greg has a business and you can visit his website at Luna's Lilies. Maybe I'll share more about Greg in another post but for now let me say that he had a gorgeous sculpture in his backyard (okay, the backyard itself is unbelievable-really!) and when I saw it I was totally moved by the work. It was a woman's face that he had mounted on a tree. When I asked him about it he said that it was one of Christine Sibley's sculptures.

Shortly thereafter I was visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and on the side of one of the fountains I saw a woman's face. Immediately I recognized the style and after inquiring discovered that it was another Christine Sibley sculpture.

About four years ago I was visiting The Society Gardner in Macon and I spotted not one but two faces that seemed so familiar. After getting a little closer I realized right away that it was another Christine Sibley face. I talked to the associate at the garden shop and sure enough they had two faces - one representing fall and one representing spring and they both were for sale! My sister said "I want fall." and I said "great, because I want spring."

Spring marks the entrance to my house and I have been waiting to share her with you. I hope you enjoy seeing this beautiful work of art. I just love how the veil of winter is falling away from her face as the flowers are emerging around her. Happy Spring!


  1. Hey Cheryl. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I agree Macon is gorgeous and I will have to try that tour you mentioned. That's neat about Sibley. Although, I've never heard of her. And I am from GA. :-)

  2. Wow, Jojo. I love the wide variety of your posts...I know I will learn something new and interesting. I've enjoyed your tribute to such a gifted woman. Also, I am jealous that you live in beautiful, lush, Georgia and can be part of a Gardening club. How delightful. I love the things you see and share. Thank you!

  3. Wow, she is beautiful Cheryl! She does look like Spring!

    What does your sister's sculpture look like? Fall is my favorite season.

    I liked Greg Luna's unusual website -- it was like sitting in a garden!

    I can only dream about a garden house has little property and most of it is cement. I do wonders growing things in pots however :-)

  4. My husband and I were so excited to see this post. For his photography class we were just at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and for his assignment he concentrated on this artists work on one of the fountains. We had no idea who made this but we both thought it was so beautiful that we enlarged his photograph and hung it in our home. How exciting to find your post and know who made this beautiful work of art! I love the fact that you have Spring hanging at your house. Off to find more information on the artist! Thank you.