Friday, November 28, 2008

A New Christmas Dress

During the time when I grew up getting a new Christmas dress meant that we went to the fabric store and picked out a new pattern. There were 3 girls in my family so one fabric would be selected and cut for all three girls so that all of our dresses, while not exactly alike, were in the same fabric. My oldest sister or my mom got to pick the fabric - I don't recall getting a voice in the selection process. One year I do recall that instead of picking patterns, we all had off-white felt skirts with a Christmas tree appliqued on the skirt. We almost never got a store-bought dress so I consider shopping for a Christmas dress a luxury.

This morning I got up really early so that my granddaughter and I could go and get a Christmas dress for she and her sister and she made the selection. The six year old did a fantastic job if I do say so myself. Here she is in the fitting room.

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  1. She's beautiful and that red is gorgeous! I love the tradition of the Christmas dress. Your reply to my last post made me laugh as well. So funny to know that even across the miles, cultural food traditions stand strong!! Hee,hee!