Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Fence

Every time I see this fence, it reminds me of fall. Next to my office building is a day care center and for some reason the metal fence is topped with the beautiful amber leaves. It is such a beautiful fence topper. In the summer it always seems a bit out of place it's perfect for this time of year.

Last week I started thinking about holiday movies and it reminded me of a made for television special that came on when I was in high school. Do any of you remember A House Without A Christmas Tree? Growing up this was my favorite Christmas story and after thinking about it I was hoping that it would be on DVD. I got on Amazon and sure enough you can buy it! I ordered it last week and it arrived Friday so when I got home from church I watched it. During the holiday season all I want to do is watch Christmas movies. The ABC Family channel typically runs 25 Days of Christmas which is always fun to watch but I like having a good collection of holiday favorites on hand too. What are some of your holiday favorites?


  1. Oh, my! I loved this movie growing up. Haven't seen it in ages! I'm going to start a list and this one is on top of it. Thanks for bringing it back to my memory.
    BTW, I never did get that fall themed postcard swap together. Maybe I'll do one for the winter holidays.

  2. There was no TV in our house when I was growing up but stories were told . My favorite was "The Christmas Truce" which recounted the truce across the trenches after the devastating first battle of Ypres in 1914 ( in 4 DAYS, yes, DAYS: deaths: 58,000 British;50,000 French. 20,000 Germans, 80,000 wounded) For an account see:

    There was a movie made in 2005, "Joyeux Noël". Hope and sanity don't always triumph, but they cannot be discounted either; that's what I liked so much about that story.

  3. What an interesting fence!
    I love all the oldies--The Year Without A Santa Claus, Rudolph, all of them!

  4. I love to watch Christmas movies...Old ones from the 50's when I was a young child....