Saturday, November 22, 2008

Glad He's Back

My husband just got back from visiting his cousin in Dubai and he just can't stop talking about it! Dubai hasn't been on my travel destination wish list but I must say that dear husband continues to describe some really fun adventures for those interested in visiting there. One amazing site is the Burj Al Arab hotel. Here you can see it is a striking architectural structure and is especially beautiful when seen from the water at a distance. It appears almost like a sailboat in the desert.

Speaking of the desert, one can actually go camping in the desert. While Dubai may not be known for its outdoor activities, camping and deep sea fishing are fun things to experience while there. When the temperatures reach unbearable measure, perhaps skiing will cool you down after a little shopping. That's right - there is a ski slope in the mall.

And if your are interested in viewing an exquisite hand-blown glass Christmas tree, take a look at this incredible tree on display in the new Atlantis Hotel.

There are so many other places that I hope to visit but if the chance presents itself, I don't think I want to miss this interesting travel experience.


  1. Wow! I've always wondered about Dubai...It is a real curiosity. How cool that he got the chance to visit there and share those interesting things with you. I wouldn't normally associate outdoor activities with the place, but now I want to go even more! Yes, it is on my "List of Exotic Vacations for Someday," list. It's right up there with South Africa, Thailand, and India.

  2. Hey you... thanks for the bday wishes!! It was fun...

    From the looks of these fantastic pictures seems someone else had a good time too...

    I absolutely am amazed at that hotel.. it is a fascinating site and the pictures surely do make it look like a sail boat in the desert... architechture is one form of art that fascinates me

    And that tree... WOW!!! Stunning!!

    Cant get over the ski slope in the mall... too funny





  3. Wow, that indoor ski slope is amazing! I can see why your husband can't stop talking about it!

    I actually came by to say thank you for your kind words you left about my article...gosh, that was so touching! thank you!!!