Saturday, November 1, 2008

It Has Been a Crazy Month!!!

Hopefully things will go back to being "normal" whatever that is but there were times this month I was feeling like my hair stood on end. My granddaughter's photo illustrates the way I felt during some of the hectic days of October.

It is hard to recap all the exciting and exhausting activities but I will try. We spent a great weekend in South Carolina taking our grandgirls to the South Carolina State Fair. As many of you know, I work with our firm's pro bono and community service programs so there are always exciting things happening. The month of October is when we hold our workplace United Way Campaign which brings with it many activities including our own production of the Idol Show. This year's show was terrific and our campaign always raises a lot of money but it also brings with it a flurry of activity. We also run our AIDS Walk and our fall Habitat house build gets underway. In the middle of the month there was a work trip to Chicago (wish I could have stayed longer) and then, I got sick. Last weekend my daughter was back home to do a benefit for a Catholic School Fall Festival in my hometown so of course we went to home for the fun. Here is a link to a segment from her television appearance To top off events, Mimi put on an outdoor concert in our backyard last Sunday night. So much fun and so many great memories!

My apologies for not posting, responding to emails, etc. - I MISS MY BLOG FRIENDS!!!


  1. well, it's good to see you're back!I hope you'll be able to relax for a few minutes in November.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Everyone around me is somewhat on edge about the elections. I am planning to go down and do a bit of volunteering this afternoon at the Obama HQ. Then, que sera , sera.

    I went to Mimi's site but couldn't send her an e-mail unless I signed up on mySpace. Is there another way i can contact her? I love her voice and her musoc and would like to know if she'd be interested in helping with No More Victims.

    OK. This is the weekend, so feet up for you!

  2. We've missed you, too. I know I have. It's funny how we get "attached" to our blog friends. We get so used to hearing from each other on a fairly regular basis, and if you don't for a start to wonder. I'm glad you're okay and look forward to hearing from you again!
    PS: Your granddaughter is gorgeous!