Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time for Some Skip & Go Naked

It is soooo hot outside today. Temperatures are in the mid-9os and we have been outside at a patio brunch since noon so it was the perfect day for Skip & Go Nakeds! We decided to make this drink our signature drink for neighborhood brunches. I found this recipe a few years ago in the Susan Branch The Summer Book and it has been a summer staple ever since. If you love lemonade, you will love this drink.

2/3 c. pink lemonade frozen concentrate - don't dilute it
2/3 c. beer
1/4 c. vodka

Put first three ingredients in a blender then fill halfway with ice; blend well and enjoy! Not only is this drink refreshing, it's also pretty.


  1. Looks great...the beer is throwing me though....I make it with rum instead of vodka and no beer...

    Great summer drinks!

  2. Absolutely yummy !

    must try it...!

    Have a great week end...:-)