Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Interns

Each year for the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with summer interns. They are usually college students in their junior or senior year and how they get hired may or may not be based on job skills or abilities. At one point in my life I was a high school teacher so to me working with young adults can be a lot of fun. Unless of course the interns are unpleasant or so lacking in skills that you are exhausted from instructing and supervising. There have also been times that I felt I was in the role of caregiver. Like last year when the poor intern decided to walk to the bank which was four blocks away. Normally that wouldn't have been such a problem but the day she decided to go walking, temperatures were in the upper 90's with 90 percent humidity. I got a call from the bank to come pick up the young student. She had thrown up in the bank lobby! Well this year was so different. We had three delightful, intelligent and energetic young women working with us and it made my work day so much fun. It was wonderful getting to know them and refreshing to hear their perspectives on the world as they shared their hopes, dreams and goals for the next few years. For me being around young people inspires, motivates and reminds me to be open to possibilities. This week is our last week with the interns so we have been going out for goodbye lunches. Today the first of the interns said goodbye. We were all sad to see their time with us end but I was glad to have spent a summer with such an outstanding group of young women.


  1. Hi Jojo~ thanks for coming over to my blog and saying hello! It's great to meet new bloggers! I'll be back again, I'm sure! ~~Betsy

  2. What a great story! Young people sometimes get a bad rap, so it's great to hear about your interns! I bet you're really fun to work with!

  3. Hi Jojo,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes they look like lovely young full of life with the future ahead of them. I wish them all the best! I will be back to visit you!


  4. What a wonderful post. It is so refreshing to hear positive things about young adults!

  5. Hi jojo,

    It sounds like you had an amazing team of interns. I am a past intern myself and it is great to hear when we are appreciated!

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