Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Slow Movement

Have you heard of the Slow Movement? I don't know what has happened to summer. Can you remember summertime as a child? We woke up late, watched a little tv, read, rode our bikes, played games, or made homemade lemonade. Back then it was normal to pile in the station wagon and go on vacation for two weeks. The best of it all was that whatever we chose to do, we took our time. Somehow our days slowed down, almost to a crawl and it felt good. Being from Middle Georgia, I can remember taking rides to go pick up a flat of eggs from one of the chicken farmers or stopping at one of the roadside stands and buying watermelons, 4 for a dollar. Can you imagine? We were fortunate to live near several of the packing houses so trips to go pick up peaches, peanuts and apples meant an exciting trip to Ft. Valley. Of course this time of year would also mean picking or shelling various fruits and vegetables but sometimes even that could be fun.

Some days as I sit in my office and look at my Daytimer, I wonder what has happened. My days tend to be back-to-back meetings so when I get back to my desk there are usually several hours worth of work sitting in my voice and email box. When this happens, I close my eyes and just for a moment imagine those carefree summer days as a child.


  1. Amen!
    It's so hard to make these kinds of memories for my kids. There are almost too many choices for them these days. Boredom was a little healthy back then I think!
    Thanks for the nice memories!

  2. Oh girl I couldnt agree more... I remember the little general store we walked to ... playing hide n seek.. those were the days...

    What a wonderful walk down memory lane... I so enjoyed this visit