Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Reading

My best friend lives in Seattle and in her neighborhood there exists a wonderful bookshop called Queen Anne Books. To me it is one of the highlights of Seattle. It is small but yet the shop provides plenty at which to look at and read. Queen Anne Books is one of those places that just begs you to linger longer. My last visit to Seattle was for my friend's wedding. While it might seem odd, we managed to squeeze in a trip to QABs during the days leading up to the wedding. In QABs you can count on personalized book reviews by the shop owners. I found a wonderful book (thanks to the readers notes and recommendations), called Suite Francaise. One of the notes describing the book said, "It is the best book that I have read all year." Anyway, I came back from the wedding with a bunch of new books and I finally read Suite Francaise. It is wonderful and I know that it will be a film. It is too good not to be. It was hard to decide what I appreciated more, the story, or the story about the author and how this book remained unpublished for 64 years. Just in case you want a good summer read.

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