Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacation Days

It was wonderful to have  a holiday weekend.  I started the weekend with a ladies luncheon at JCT.  
It's a great southern style bistro and a perfect place to meet up with good friends.  
One of my girlfriends retired early and she is having the time of her life!   
Later in the afternoon we ran over to the Georgia Farmers' Market and I was so happy to meet up with some Georgia farmers with fresh peas, speckled limas, crook-necked squash and fresh tomatoes!
I got home and made squash cassarole, a strawberry cake, blackberry cobbler, chicken salad, pimento cheese and of course cooked the limas, peas and sliced up some tomatoes. 
Saturday night we attended a graduation party but I headed home early to watch a movie. 
On the 4th we decided to pack a picnic and head down to the new state park, Chattahoochee Bend.   It's near Newnan so we took a coffee break there on the way to the park.  

There were so many beautiful homes in the downtown area.  We also decided to stop in to visit Historic Banning Mills.  I'm not into zip line tours but the scenery was beautiful.   While there I also discovered that a friend from high school lives just 5 minutes from there.  Hopefully we are going to meet up next month.

We ended the evening with friends on our neighbors front porch watching the fireworks.  It was a wonderful holiday weekend. 


  1. It looks like you had a fun and relaxing holiday, JoJo. I loved all those wonderful homes. The last one you showed was so large and interesting ..I'd love to see its interior.

  2. It sounds like a lovely way to spend some time off. There's such a lot to see in your part of the continent - why not enjoy it while you have time?!

  3. What a nice way to spend the holiday! You're lucky your DH likes to do that sort of thing with you.

    Those homes are gorgeous & I would have LOVED to get some fresh Georgia peaches!!! For some dumb reason, our grocery stores up here only get CA peaches. I've begged them to bring up the good stuff! What's up with that???
    We used to find roadside stands all over FL that sold GA peaches.

    Have a wonderfully relaxing week, Jojo. You deserve a quiet one about now.

  4. All the houses you photographed were gorgeous~What a special holiday you had!