Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dennis Dean Has a Blog!

If you live in Atlanta I'm sure you've heard of Dennis Dean Catering.  
I've been working on events with Dennis for more than a decade and he has always been my preferred caterer.  Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that Dennis has started a blog and I wanted to pass it along in hopes that you will be a follower  

Since I'm talking about food, I am so excited to share a recipe one of my best friends sent me.   She is a coffee lover and recently Judy made frappuccinos at a baby shower.  
Coffee cup in hand!!!
I'm sure these drinks have 10,000+ calories but oh my, they are so good!!!!
Here's the recipe:  
1/2 gal. of whole milk
Hershey syrup 
1-1/2 cups sugar
2 t. vanilla
8 cups of really strong coffee
1/2 gallon of coffee ice cream.

Mix 1/2 cup of the milk with the chocolate syrup.  

In another bowl, mix 8 cups coffee, sugar and vanilla flavoring, stir and let sugar dissolve. Let it sit until coffee mixture is cool.

Mix milk and coffee together in a container and refrigerate over night. 

Put ice cream in a punch bowl and pour coffee mixture over it.  We ladled the mixture over the ice cream to melt it and create the mixture.  Perfect for a brunch - enjoy!!!


  1. What a fabulous brunch punch recipe! I'll go check out your friends blog.

  2. This hot weather has everone thinking about ice cream and cold drinks. The Frappuccino recipe sounds wonderful!

    Off to visit your friend's blog :)

  3. Probably more than 10,000---but oooh--how yummy they sound!

  4. I'm a frap a day kind of girl, but I always order the "light". I don't think this recipe qualifies, but I sure wold like to indulge. I'm going to try this.

  5. Don't know Dennis Dean but I just visited and liked what I saw! Thanks for the tip on the facebook event, I will check it out as well. Have a great weekend Jojo!