Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Hard to Keep Up

This week it's harder than usual to keep up with blogging, work, chores around the house and THE GRANDGIRLS!   
Yes, the grandgirls have been with us all week attending a day camp at the Atlanta History Center and they have had a great week.   It's been really funny to listen to them talk about playing over at the Swan House.
And at night it's really been fun to go play in the park, play charades, watch movies, play butterfly bingo, put puzzles together, take bubble baths and read Junie B. Jones books.   

We've got lots more to do this weekend before taking them home, but it has been a great week. 


  1. Sometimes we all need to forget about blogging and just enjoy life. Enjoy those girls. That's what counts!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Enjoy those girls while they are with you! They are so cute!

  3. What a treat for you and for them! I'm a wee bit envious - but so happy for all of you too!

  4. Sweet girls. I bet you're all having a wonderful time!

  5. Darling grandgirls. Have you read the book, The Swan House? If you have not make every effort to read it. There is also a sequel and both are excellent. I am trying to remember the authors name and right now I am drawing a blank. You can google it. I highly recommend it. It takes place right there in Atlanta during the 60's I think.

    Glad to meet a fellow southerner. I visited you once before.