Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Time for Rhondi's Porch Party!

I love a good porch party but this year I've been so busy I didn't have time to get ready for company.  Lucky for me I live in a porch neighborhood so I decided to ask the neighbors, whose porch I see when I sit on my porch, if I could borrow their porch.  Thankfully, they agreed and I'm here to warn you...your gonna love it!
Coming up the walkway

Closer to the porch
 This house is the oldest in our neighborhood and said to be near 100 years old.  Can't tell you if it's true but the house and grounds do make you want to linger.  Maybe have some iced tea and do some reading. 
As you enter the porch the first thing you see is the house number which has been creatively added to the front porch.  It's almost like a welcome mat and measures about 1'x 2'.  One of the homeowners is a an artist and she added this to the entrance.
There are plenty of corners to sit and chat. 

And every where you look there is something to see. 

That's my house peeking through the foliage

Then there is bird village.
So far 12 bird families have moved in.

 They even have church in Birdland!

And of course there is a mosaic tucked in every corner. 
 Can you see the mosaic bamboo wall hanging?

And the lighted tulip mosaic. 
She bought an old bowling ball at a yard sale and now it's art!

We didn't visit the front and back yard but I hope you enjoyed my neighbor's porch and view.   If you happen to be in the neighborhood, my neighbors will be hosting our neighborhood 4th of July party soon so come on over!

For now visit Rhondi's blog and visit more porches as she hosts her annual Porch Party!!


  1. What a beautiful home and yard your neighbor has. I just loved the birdhouses. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I certainly enjoyed your neighbour's porch....but the peek of yours through the foliage was nice too!

  3. We don't have a porch so I really enjoyed visiting your neighbours porch with you today.
    The little bird village is a delight, as is your home which I saw peeking through the trees!

  4. You live in a wonderful looking neighborhood. Even though I would love to see your porch, I'm glad you showed us your neighbor's. It is filled with so many creative things. Thanks for joining the party today!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  5. It's so great to get to meet you via Rhondi's Porch Party!!

    I hear ya about not having my porch read...and I did enjoy your approach to the party. Your neighbors have some lovely outer rooms and areas!! Love the photos...and so enjoyed the decor. The bird houses were so sweet....and so are the mosaics!

    Hope you are having a great day!! dana

  6. Thank you for the tour, and be sure to thank your neighbor for the viewing.

    They do have a wonderful porch. I love all the creative and artistic touches.

  7. what a beautiful porch! thanks for sharing the art of your neighbor... how sweet for her to share!

  8. I love your porch! You have done a great job!
    I am your newest follower...I hope you will follow me too!
    This is my first time participating in Ms. Rhondi's Porch Party...I hope you will swing by my blog to visit my porch! Fresh ice cold lemonade will be waiting on you! :-)

    ~~~rhonda ~~~~

  9. Love your neighborhood. Love the new photo of the grands...adorable. Have a fun 4th. Hope to do a blog gal get together in August or meet up with you for lunch when I get back to town.

  10. JoJo, I just returned home from your neck of the woods, and let me just say how amazed I was at the beauty of the area!

    Yours and your neighbor's homes are indicative of the charm and beauty we viewed in every neighborhood we explored. How lucky you are to live in your beautiful state...I think our daughter will be very happy in Georgia, and I will be VERY happy to visit her there! ♥

  11. You picked a very pretty one o share with us, Jojo. Thanks. I love that property, so natural looking. Love the bird houses too!...Christine

  12. A beautiful home and lawn...I wish I lived in an area with these pretty, older houses. So much character.

  13. WOW! This is my type of dream porch! I don't have one on my house ...I just have what we call in Brooklyn a "stoop," which is basically just steps leading up to the front door with a little landing at the top.

    Thanks your neighbors for us! :)

  14. Oh...It is just wonderful! Such a beautiful and peaceful looking neighborhood you live in....! Love all the "Artist" touches that they have added to this charming place---And The Bird Village....FABULOUS!!
    All that Mosaic work reminded me of the Artistry of George Ehling and his 'Tile House' that I have written about extensively....People's Artistry is always incredibly awesome to me....
    Your Porch looks very wonderful too, my dear!

  15. Well you know I am loving all of that mosaic!!! What a wonderful porch.

  16. How nice of your neighbor to let you borrow her porch. It is beautiful and very inviting.