Monday, June 27, 2011

The Hollywood Costume Auction

Last week you might have read about Debbie Reynolds Auction (if not click here to see some of the costumes that were sold). 

I've mentioned my friend John and his collection and I just have to share with you a few of his purchases from last week's auction.  

An Affair to Remember - Deborah Kerr
 It might look more familiar here. 
And who doesn't love Gigi? 
 Does the suit look more familiar here? 
Did you ever see Shirley Jones in Carousel? 
 Then this dress must look familiar!
John owns so many beautiful items that would be so familiar to anyone who watches film classics.   I keep hoping there will be a place where he can exhibit his beautiful holdings.  

I read on a blog that investors in other countries bought some of the items that went for crazy prices, including the Marilyn dress that went for $5.6 million!   Wonder what they plan to do with them. 


  1. The costumes in some of those old classics were truly beautiful. I loved the costumes in Meet Me In St Louis - just gorgeous!

  2. What a fun collection! Like you, I hope John can find a venue to exhibit his collection some time. It's always more fun to share a collection with others who also appreciate it.

  3. just beautiful! Especially the dresses from that era...oh my.

  4. That dress from An Affair to Remember is gorgeous. I love that movie. What fun to have a friend with such a collection.

  5. How wonderful that your friend John was able to buy some the Costumes from Debbie Reynolds Collection....I was at the MGM Auction, so very many years ago, when she bought many of the costumes in her collection....(I was able to buy the dress that my dear friend Betty G. wore in "Words & Music", and give it to her on her Birthday, later that month ...! And you know what? It STILL fit her, twenty years after filming that picture....LOL!)
    FABULOUS. Where is John? My dear friend Costume Designer Charles Berliner, I think would LOVE to see John's collection--Charley is here in L.A.
    Email me: myrtillo1984 AT Yahoo DOT com.

  6. Hi Jo Jo

    Love your title photo! I am imagining sweeping up that Deborah Kerr dress and taking it to a dressmaker to re-create it. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

    Best wishes

    Jeanne xx

  7. Boy, does thinking about "Gigi" bring back the memories! *sigh*

    I posted my Greek Spinach & Olive pasta salad tonight. I know you'll enjoy it if you love garlic like we do. It would also work for your upcoming ladies ballet "class reunion".

    Happy 4th!