Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waiting for the Snow but Fearing the Ice

It's snowing!!!!
Yes, a winter storm is headed to Georgia so yesterday everyone I know got out to buy groceries and other creature comforts. Down south we don't handle wintry weather too well. If there is a hint of snow, and especially ice, in our weather forecast, schools are apt to close and work places generally delay openings.  It's such a treat! We are really hoping the predicted ice doesn't leave us without power but just in case I've got a couple of new books by my side and I'm ready do a little unexpected relaxing tomorrow.  Maybe a pajama day?
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we wake up to a beautiful snowy day. 
It's been snowing for nearly 2 hours. We've got nearly 2 inches and look how light it is outside.


  1. Hi Cheryl! No snow here yet...but I am sure it will be here soon! I have stew in the crock pot and I am all hunkered down, too. Like you, I am hoping for a minimum of ice! I don't plan to leave the house for at least two days! Stay warm!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Our snow has not started yet here in NC, but we are expecting and ready for it. I will snuggle in next to the fire and dream about my summer veggie garden...

  3. No snow here yet either but I'm ready also. Cooked a pot roast in the crockpot and lots of books and blankets!

  4. The front moved through here earlier, but just brought much needed rain. Glad we didn't have the freezing temps for snow and ice. The freezing temps are expected the next couple of nights, but no snow.
    Stay safe and warm in your cozy home. Enjoy those books! ~ Sarah

  5. Hi, Cheryl! Down here in south GA we aren't looking for snow but are worried about ice. Our schools here haven't closed yet but many around us have. Is that your house? It's lovely! Take care & be safe.
    Cheryl :)

  6. There is NOTHING like a good snow day.

    Enjoy yours.

    I live up here in snow country and I NEVER get tired of it.

    But we don't get cancellations very often - - - they keep the roads pretty clear and everyone just keeps going! We had 15 inches of snow on a Saturday/Sunday and the kids didn't even get a school delay!

  7. I can see you are excited about the snow! After our last snowstorm where had with of over two feet of the fluffy white stuff I would feel quite content with no more snow this winter! Unfortunately, we are expecting another storm on Wednesday. Nothing closes in NYC for snow ..we grit our teeth and trudge through!

    Enjoy! I hope that you don't get ice!

  8. Isn't it interesting, how much brighter the night is when there's snow on the ground?
    We're supposed to get a big storm on Wednesday - but all it takes is one big wind off the ocean to blow it all away - we'll see!

  9. Morning Cheryl it looks like a winter wonderland, definitely a day in pyjama's I would say.

  10. Hi! Great pics. Isn't this just bizarre for us in the south??? It's so deep! Love the pic of the snow falling in the nighttime sky! Stay warm. Linda

  11. My goodness really is coming down! I gather that much of USA is under snow right now. We are so glad to be out of snowy England today.

  12. I've heard your weather report. I hope you are having a pajama day! We've been very lucky so far. South Bend, about fifty miles east of us, has three feet on the ground and more on the way! I've experienced snow in the south and feel very grateful that we have lots of people operating snow equipment as soon as the snow starts to fall. They, however, can do nothing about the bitter cold!!

    Stay safe!


  13. This blue house is SO gorgeous ! I love the snow but the 15 deggres weather for the last 2 weeks ! i have enough of the ice...BUrrr.
    Hope you are enjoying the snow and have a lovely and happy day !
    thank you for saying hi !

  14. yes, our family in the atlanta metro has lots of snow!!!!

  15. We got about 4 total here in Marietta. The neighborhood kids are sledding down our little hill. So pretty and everything is closed. A PJ day for me today!!
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  16. The ice man came too - here in Kennesaw. sandie

  17. Wasn’t it lovely today with the snow? I did not go out but my husband went in the yard and placed a lot of seeds in the bird feeders. It was so pretty to see the cardinals in the snow. I rarely heard any car in the street (we live close to Kennesaw Mountain.) I just hope it won’t turn into ice on the trees – we have too many pines around us, how about you?

  18. I love these photos, particularly the second one, which has such a strong atmosphere! Enjoy the snow days in PJs!