Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HGTV and Blogs

 Over the past couple of years I've stopped watching HGTV though I used to love it.  Over time I would try to find some of my favorite shows or HGTV personalities but they weren't there.   I used to love watching Joan Steffend, Kitty Bartholomew, Erica GlasenerRebecca KollsSusie Coelho and Paul James...where are all these great show hosts now?  
At night (when I win the channel changer) I flip through the channels and usually skip HGTV because whatever is on the air is a show about buying real estate, internationally.   While I wish I were hunting for a house in a sunny and warm international location, generally I skip such programming because unless I win the lottery or come into some kind of incredible inheritance that I'm not expecting, I'm cozied into my lovely little home in Georgia.  But mentioning this makes me wonder why house hunting is airing almost every night?  Last I heard, the housing market in the U.S. is near flat.  Wishful thinking maybe?
Chip Wade
Occasionally I flip and find Curb Appeal: The Block.  That's a show I really like and as a matter of fact, Chip Wade has been over to help me with some small details on the exterior of my house (read more about his visit here).  He's very helpful and very affordable!
Today, while home for snow day number 2, there was one show airing that was worth watching and I saw an ad for Candice Olson but over all it look liked the "G" (gardening) in the channel name may no longer be airing and sadly, a lot of great programming is no longer on the air.  Now I know why my tv viewing is limited to 2 or 3 channels.  

Have blogs replaced some of these terrific shows?   I have to admit that I enjoy many of the blogs I read and they are far more entertaining that shopping for real estate!  In fact, bloggers send you emails and are much more interactive than a tv show.   Do you still watch HGTV?  If so I'm just curious what are your favorite shows?   I would love to hear your comments.  


  1. I do watch HGTV and I enjoy the home buying shows, I think because I like to see homes in other parts of the country. Still I also remember some of the old shows and hosts! I like it better then most network TV.

  2. I LOVE HGTV!!! I watch it mostly on the weekends and sometimes at night. I LOVE House Hunters and House Hunters international. I think Color Splash Miami is a great show. Plus David is easy on the eye. ;) Oh now I am watching the New York Sellers show. So many! LOL!
    However I do agree, I enjoy reading blogs and interacting with my blog friends more than any tv show anyday! ;) Smiles,Jenn

  3. I miss a lot of the shows you mentioned. But I still watch certain shows. I really like Sarah Richardson and Genevieve Gorder. I watch House Hunters International if they are in France or Italy, because I really enjoyed my visits to those two countries.

    That's about it. I would love to see more gardening shows. I would love to know more gardening blogs too!

  4. I still watch it occasionally but I tell you I am getting sick of House Hunters both the International and the National...I miss all the old shows with the G too!

  5. I used to love HGTV - I don't enjoy the contractor/repair shows and there seem to be a lot of them these days. I'd watch if Chris Madden or Kitty Bartholomew were on though! I like blogs but they are not as appealing to me as the tv shows - something about the action on the shows probably.

  6. I was never as big a HGTV watcher as I was a Food network watcher :)

    I did like the Carol Duvall Craft show and watched her faithfully almost every morning until they took her off the air.

  7. I don't watch as much as I did. I do watch the FOOD channel, but HGTV, not as much!
    My friend was on House Hunters. It is all fake. They had the house for 6 months and had to pretend to be out looking etc.!
    I hope you are enjoying your snow! We will be sliding round for a long time after this big dump!

  8. HGTV isn't what it used to be, I agree. In fact, we've unsubscribed to cable because there's so little on any of the channels (and neither of us are interested in sports). I've found that there are quite a few of the good decorating shows on line (at least here in Canada) and I watch Sarah Richardson and a few others that way.

    I scrolled down a few posts and noticed that your penpal is Pondside. She's a wonderful warm woman with whom I've shared a few chats and cups of tea. I do hope you get to meet one day - you won't be disappointed.

  9. Like you, I have fallen off HGTV. I love Sarah and Tommy and think their designs are great, but for the most part they are just too dry.

    I get tired of watching folks fix the screw ups that I deal with everyday.

  10. I'm with you. I used to watch all the time. Now, seems like I never do?

    That's a good question. What happened to all those people?