Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do You Compete For the Remote?

I love old movies.  I mean I REALLY love old movies and my husband LOVES the news.   My husband and I both are generally easy going but when we sit down to watch tv you should see the passive aggressive behaviors we exhibit!  Both of us are trying to figure out how we can "take control" and of course I trying to see what's on TCM (Loretta Young movies were on tonight) or IFC (Portlandia starts on 1/21) and my husband flips right over to CNN.   Sometimes I wish I kept stats on how many nights we repeat the same behaviors.  It's comical really. 
Speaking of old movies, have you ever poked around on YouTube for old films?  Sometimes on Friday nights when I lose control of the remote, I watch movies on YouTube.   They are divided up into segments but it's still a great way to watch an old movie.  
And while I'm on the topic of old movies, let me just add that my good friend John (click on John's name to see some of his holdings) has loaned some of his Hollywood couture to an exhibition in London being put together by Hamish Bowles.  
 I'm thinking I'll be making a trip when this one opens! 


  1. I watched the old Christmas classics, but you inspire me to dig beyond Christmas.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. you and I have the same taste in movies so there would be no remote snatching but my hubs must watch anything-baseball. Even if it's the same loop of news over and's not even baseball season for crikey's sake!

  3. My dad is a sucker for old movies; he now has quite a collection; so he and my mom sit there and watch them 3 or 4 nights a week. I like Doris Day movies, especially with Rock Hudson. I like Hitchcock movies, and of course all the French classics with Catherine Deneuve. Oh well, I think two TVs may be in order! :)

  4. No, I fear I am rather a remote hog.

    Well - - - during the day when hubby is here, I am busy doing my own thing - - - blogging, cleaning, laundry, etc. and he has control of the remote. He watches fishing, pawn shop shows, American Pickers, and horror movies. I try to block ALL of that out.

    Then, when I sit down in front of the TV, I simply pick up the remote and find sports.

    Later, if I want to watch a football game, I go down into my Football cave, and he resumes watching whatever he likes.

    When he isn't home, the TV is only on when I am watching sports or taped episodes of Crime Dramas.

    Right now? No TV is on. Hubby isn't home from work yet and I'm blogging.

  5. I'm the old movie fan and The Great Dane loves old episodes of Star Wars, Andromeda and other odd sci-fi. We now compromise and watch my movies as long as I stay awake (which is sometimes not much past 8!) and then the sci-fi goes on afterwards.

  6. I love old movies. Wish I'd known of the Loretta Young offerings on TCM! There's no fight over the remote in our house. My husband watches very little television and he prefers his news via radio or the newspaper. I'm in complete control!! Well, almost.

    Love the new photo of the little girls in your header.


  7. MY husband and I like some TV programs the same and A LOT of them different. So, we have a second TV in the bedroom on nights we can't find something to watch together.

  8. Youtube is a wonderful resource and sometimes I can get lost for hours looking at shows and movies and performances on it . I did a Shirley Temple marathon movie one evening recently. :)

    I love the red Marilyn Monroe dress that John showed! What a timeless style.

  9. Yep - same thing happens in our house, as soon as my husband leaves the room I switch it to food t.v., as soon as I leave the room and come back, its on the History channel or a Mixed Martial Arts show!

    My favorite old movie (besides It's a Wonderful Life) is Marty with Earnest Borgnine - I've probably seen it 20 times but I love it!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I am not a TV person. My husband likes to watch the news and old movies and he watches them. I am usually in front of the computer or reading. I’ll watch specials once in a while on PBS but that’s about it. When my husband used to go hunting and would be gone a week at a time I usually forgot to even put the TV on. But I always listen to music.

  11. I didn't know you could watch movies on You Tube!!! I've given up on the remote. I just let hubby watch all his guy shows and I read blogs:)

  12. Hi Cheryl! My staff never gets their paws on my remote, so I am safe! But my grandson wins at his house. How much Yo Gabba Gabba can a person watch??? Did you know Net Flicks lets you watch old movies and foreign films on the computer! Hope you are warm and cozy today!...hugs...Debbie