Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wieskirche - A Rococo Masterpiece

Not far from Neuschwanstein Castle (or the original Disney Castle) is one of the most fantastic sites that I have ever seen. Keep in mind that I generally love rococo style and Wieskirche IS proclaimed to be the best example of rococo style in the world. Maybe I'm partial but I think it is true and here are just a few (I took a few dozen!!!!) photos so that you can decide for yourself. There is no way my little camera can showcase the beauty of this church in the meadow. Be sure to click on the photos to enjoy the magnificence.

Just one step inside and it was like walking into heaven

Every inch of the church was magnificent

Wieskirche is a must-see if you are traveling near Fussen to see the castles.


  1. Those pictures are breathe taking. I love the first one of the snow capped mountains. Seems so peaceful there.


  2. Just a beautiful church. I would love to see it some day.

  3. Beautiful things you got from Scott's, love that place. And these pics are wonderful.

    Hope you enjoy your time as a docent too! This is my first time at our Decorators showhouse, so it is sure to be fun. If you'll let me know when you put pics up, I'll be right over!

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  5. wow! you don't see that kind of craftsmanship anymore. i just always think of the men who worked months or years of their lives. i'm glad it's preserved for all to enjoy....just like today!

    thank you for sharing!!!

  6. What a magnificent church...I don't know how we missed this one..
    I do remember that beautiful lake near the castle..the color of the water was amazing...and then the husband passed a huge tractor trailer on the two lane and almost got us Killed...but atleast the last thing I would have seen was really spectacular...