Friday, April 30, 2010

Remember Field Day?

Picture of grandgirl trying to figure out her spot on a tug-o-war team

This week our firm has been celebrating Staff Appreciation Week with events happening every day. A Fashion Show, several game shows including Family Feud for a Cause and today we ended the week with a picnic in the park and lots of games. Today's games were inspired by a new television show called Minute to Win It. I haven't seen the show but watching today's activities inspired me to plan another family reunion.

You may recall that last Labor Day I organized a family reunion event at my house. We managed to have sleeping space for everyone though I did rent a room at a nearby hotel so that we had access to a pool for the weekend. It was a great event. We played a number of traditional games at our neighborhood park, but after watching some of today's games I'm going to be planning a whole new line up.

Some of today's games had crazy names, like Bobble Head, but they were all really fun. Like the one, that without using your hands, the contestant has to put Vaseline on the nose and "catch" 5 cotton balls. Once caught they have to be moved from one dish to another.

There were sorting games, puzzle games and shooting rubber band games. All games had to be completed in 60 seconds - talk about stress.

Being outside is perfect this time of year and a perfect time for a family field day. I hope these photos inspire a picnic.


  1. I'd love to plan a reunion, but we are so scattered! I have so many memories of growing up with a large family nearby
    xoxo Pattie

  2. I love the thought of a family reunion. My brother (younger!) is getting married at the end of the summer, back east. It will be the first time in a few years that all of us will be together - can't wait!

  3. What a fun! Great idea the reunion. Grand girl is very cute. I think she looks like to you!

  4. I love your ideas! And your zest for life! And your enthusiasm for making everyone have fun! You are cool!

    And I so remember field day.

    I think I might still be traumatized.

    Your Granddaughter is so adorable.

  5. That does sound like great fun! And it sounds like the games would be good for ANYONE, young or old, able bodied or other-abled - only qualification a finely honed sense of the ridiculous!

  6. Your photos captured all the joy of your past family reunion. Staff Appreciation week is such a nice idea! I never heard of that TV show but it does sound like fun!
    Your granddaughter is so beautiful!

    I'd love to meet you for lunch when you visit NYC! Please keep me posted! :-)

  7. It sounds like a great funday! We did something similar for one of the big birthdays, and had the family from all over the world, such fun.

  8. Your family reunion looks like a blast!

  9. Your granddaughter is so pretty - I just see her soul in her eyes - a sweet one.

    The games looked like fun and that you had a great time - don't know about the cotton balls and vaseline one.

    4th of July is our picnic!


  10. looks like lots of fun!! picnics are just so....perfect.

  11. Hi Cheryl...what a fun day for you and your family! So good seeing you this evening! I'm so glad you came! Hope we get to do the Scotts thing...that sounded like great fun! :-)
    Happy Anniversary, btw!

  12. What fun xx
    can you send some heat our way please xxx
    Hugs Lynn xx