Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Germany (a little France) and Back

We took our grandgirls on their spring break to visit my son (their dad) who has recently been relocated to Germany. In the next few posts I'll be sharing some of our travel highlights. My son and daughter-in-law now live in a small town called Weilerbach so our first day and night was spent there just resting and enjoying the neighborhood. I enjoyed stopping in at the local Barbarossa Backerei for coffee and pastry. I think this place was an upscale version of the Atlanta Bread Company but it was a great place for coffee and people watching.Our first travel day was to Strasbourg. It is just an hour and a half away from where my son and daughter-in-law are now living. They moved from Sumter, SC to Germany and while in Sumter they enjoyed taking weekend trips to Atlanta. Based on their new location, Paris is their new Atlanta! Can you imagine? We loved Strasbourg and though I have already shared some photos but I'd like to share a few more.

I was totally taken by the details on some of the half-timbered structures.

Don't you just love the painting on this building?

And there were LOTS of half-timbered structures.

It's hard to miss the Cathedral

The stained-glass was beautiful

But it bothered me to be in church and to be reminded to beware the pickpockets!

Signs of Easter were everywhere

I just loved this window display

We stopped in to enjoy some real hot chocolate. The milk chocolate was on a stick. To make the chocolate you had to pour warm milk over your milk chocolate stick and stir. Chocolate milk was never so rich and chocolaty good.

Tomorrow I'll share the start of our trip down the Romantic Road.


  1. Love your pictures. What nice memories you are creating!

  2. Brings back great memories of our summer in Paris....we took a few days towards the end of our stay and drove into Germany..up the Rhine to Marksburg Castle..on the way home we stopped in Stasbourg and spent the afternoon...I remember we got great ice cream...did a little shopping but I do remember the pick pocket signs....atleast they warn Paris they just warning...I lost ten bucks one day inside a little shop....but it's still the best place on earth.Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures...

  3. beautiful, atmospheric photos. thank you for sharing !

  4. I am so looking forward to sharing your trip

  5. What a wonderful trip you must have had. Strasbourg is such a beautiful city too.

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