Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warming Up With a Chili Party!

A Photo of Ice on My Windshield on Monday Morning

We are slowly beginning to thaw out from the deep freeze but with the continued cold weather we've been having, it seemed to be the perfect time to warm up with a chili party. Normally in our neighborhood, neighbors are out taking strolls or on their front porch visiting with one another. But lately, no one is getting out of the house if they don't have to so I decided to invite a couple of neighbors over on Sunday evening for a chili party. I'm planning to have a few different types of chili on hand along with fixings (is that too southern sounding?). A couple of our friends are vegetarians but I don't have a recipe for a vegetarian chili. Does anyone have a great vegetarian chili recipe they would be willing to share?

I'll be posting pictures from the gathering and sharing any new recipes we collect along the way.

Stay warm.


  1. Hi JoJo,
    That sounds like a great idea.Sorry I don't have a vegetarian recipe for you.
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.
    Stay warm,

  2. sounds like a great way to get the neighbors out and warm up! I've made a vegetarian chili before but not from a specific recipe...just kinda did the chili thing and left the meat out. I'm sure someone will have one for you!
    That pic of the ice is so pretty...who knew? Stay warm...jj

  3. A chilli party sounds good to me. Rain here even if it's not as cold as you. Thanks so much for your visit to Menton DP. Make that an extra vegetarian chilli for me but I regret I don't know the recipe!

  4. Looking forward to some great recipes, chili sounds good!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun! My son made a chili party on New Year's Eve for friends and neighbors. For vegetarians he made a separate chili with lots of beans and spices but just left the meat out. He served both versions with different cheeses and crackers on the side.