Saturday, January 16, 2010

High Museum & Friday Night Jazz

I'm so lucky to work around the corner from the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.. Sometimes during stressful work days, it's been such a treat to walk over at lunch just to walk through various exhibits - and there have been some great ones. Last summer I was moved by Richard Misrach's On the Beach exhibit. At the very least I always enjoy walking through to view some of the sculpture. This is one of my favorites as I am fascinated by how the sculptor created the veil over the face. (Click on the image to enlarge the photo and you will see the detail of the veil).
One of the special events at the High are the Jazz Friday nights. The events take place the third Friday of every month and you can always count on the sounds of incredible jazz while enjoying the exhibits.
I'd been meaning to go see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit and last night I was finally able to see it. I was so glad we got there fairly early because by 9:00 p.m. the place was packed which would have made viewing much more difficult. This show has 50 works though not everything on display is by da Vinci. Twenty of his sketches can be seen and some for the very first time in the United States. Several of the sketches are viewed from the front and the back covered with small drawings or notes. I had to keep reminding myself just how old these works are and also how scarce paper would have been at that time. My husband and I walked away being amazed at seeing sketches of machinery, anatomy and nature all on one piece of paper. It was very interesting to see his sketch of the brain and his diagram illustrating his theory on how the brain is connected to the five senses.On my evening drive home from work I listen to Jazz 91.9 - the jazz of the city and for years have listened to Riva Blue, the local host of Jazz at Sundown. Last night Riva was at the High and it was really nice to meet the person that I've listened to on the air for years.

Tomorrow is the chili party and there will be photos to share. Today was a service day and no doubt I'll be sharing something about the experience in my Monday post.


  1. Isn't the High great! The last time I was there was for the Monet exhibit. I took my French class there - we had a blast! Linda

  2. Oh, this makes me wish I lived in Atlanta. The MOMA in NYC has a jazz night and I've always wanted to go. That statue in your photo is lovely, too! Sounds like a wonderful evening.

  3. Hi again....what a great idea having a chili party...We should have that be our next blogger event....and your hair looks so lightened it up since I saw you back in March...looking forward to seeing you again at Joyce's tea on the 5th...Sue.

  4. I saw the da Vince exhibit in San Francisco a few years ago was so fascinating!

    I have a post card of this same statue! I've also always been fascinated by the veil effect.

    You are very lucky to work close to such a fine museum Carol!

    Nice catching up with you this rainy day.