Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Poor Husband Visits Matisse

This weekend we are celebrating my husband's birthday and as a part of our weekend activities I'd planned for us to attend the opening reception of the Matisse exhibit at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. I've been excited about it for weeks and he has been a great about supporting my enthusiasm.

Today was the day. We went to the museum at Oglethorpe U., which is housed in the library. Husband, or Albert, his new nickname since we saw the Young Victoria, was such a great companion. As we got in the car to leave I asked, "Didn't you enjoy it?" To which he tried to to reply to without laughing, saying, "I will NEVER forget that I went to see a Matisse exhibit on my birthday as long as I live!" We laughed so hard. He hates museums and combining poetry sent him over the top but we had a great time laughing over the event on the way home which made it a fun birthday activity.

Hopefully the kids will come up with some birthday surprises that are more in line with his interests and tomorrow he'll get his favorite cake. No doubt a better birthday is just around the corner.


  1. Matisse! An all time favorite of mine. I am so envious you got to see the exhibit. Wasn't your husband a little interested in his lovely languid women?
    I am off to my drawing class with the certain knowledge that I'll never even approach that sureness of line of Matisse.

  2. Happy birthday to your husband Carol! He sounds like a good sport :-) The Matisse exhibit sounds delightful!

    My husband did not particularly like visiting museums when we were first married but I asked him to come along with me so many times that he slowly gained an appreciation of art and sculpture and now looks forward to going!
    In return I accompanied him to many soccer games over the years and now I enjoy that sport.

    It's all about compromise in a marriage isn't it?

  3. Good morning! How are you?
    Happy Birthday to yuor husband!!!

  4. what a good sport. now for your birthday he can take you to something of interest to him and you can pretend to care!!! sounds like you had fun.