Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to the Porch Party!

I have been so excited about being able to celebrate and now Rhondi's porch party at Rose Colored Glasses is finally here!!!

Usually when I sit out on my porch, there is a glass of iced tea close by. Isn't this bird house sweet? My son made this for me when he was eight years old - he's now 25. Our next door neighbor at the time cut the wood and helped him with the assembly. It is one of my porch treasures. When we moved in this house a few years ago there just wasn't a place for this sewing machine stand. We left it on the front porch while thinking about a place to put it and decided it was cute right where it was.

To get ready for the porch party I decided to make pillows and cushions with red, white and blue. From Memorial Day through Labor Day it's a color scheme that seems to work.

The rocking chairs were a bargain from Publix (a grocery store) of all places. At the end of the summer season I found these 2 chairs marked down to $50 each!! Notice the swallow's bird nest on the table between the chairs. A sweet souvenir from a spring nest. The swing below was custom made to fit on our porch. At the old Lakewood there was a swing vendor who made a smaller swing to fit our narrow porch.

This little bench is my favorite sitting spot. We used to live in a small town called McDonough. On Saturdays they have a tiny farmer's market and anyone can come and sell their goods. A local retiree made this bench out of treated lumber. It is heavy as all get out but so comfy. I love the side table made from old railings.

I had to show you my porch bug. I was visiting my daughter in Portland and we went to the Bagdad Theater to see Pan's Labryinth. The next morning we stopped in Powell's Books for Home and Garden and oddly we found this beaded bug. It reminded me of the winged creatures from the film so I bought one for both of us. He is my garden faerie.

Don't geraniums look like summer? Our old town was known as the Geranium City and they had geraniums planted everywhere. After living in McDonough for 25 years, the geranium habit is hard to break.

I was walking through Big Lots and spotted these adorable outdoor lights. By day they look like colorful dragonflies but at night they become.....


Porch parties can be fun in by day or night! Y'all come back now, y'hear.


  1. I loved visiting you and your wonderful porch! I love the color scheme...I use the same. And your dragonfly lights are so cute. Come visit me if you have time.

  2. Oh a porch swing and twinkle lights!!! My favorite. Your porch is stunning. So nice to meet you. Everything on your blog spells Welcome.

    Happy Porch Party.


  3. Your porch looks wonderful and that porch swing with the lights on it, so cute. I must do that with mine.


  4. Your porch is so whimsical and fun! I love the "bugs" and the rocking chairs look mighty inviting.
    ♥, Susan

  5. What a delightful party! How I envy you those beautiful blue hydrangeas! And those dragonfly lights - just adorable!

  6. Your porch looks wonderful and that porch cute with the lights!!

  7. Thanks for coming by. I LOVE your swing and your porch is wonderful!


  8. That is one very cute porch! Love all the painted wood furnishings, and that praying mantis is cute as a bug (no pun intended)! Love your little birdhouse on the sewing machine table and just everything about it. I want to go sit there and visit for hours on end!

    Happy Porch Party...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Hi JoJo,
    You have a great porch with lots of wonderful accessories! Love the blue and red color scheme.

    That beaded bug is adorable...better watch out, I may come 'borrow' it!

    :) Diane

  10. Happy Porch Party! Everything looks so inviting. Just beautiful...thanks for sharing..;p

  11. Your porch is beautiful and I love the lights! rachel

  12. ohhh....i loved your swing the first time i saw it and then i saw it with twinkly lights and i just went crazy over it!!!
    how lovely.
    have a wonderful day.

  13. Red geraniums and cinararia - a beautiful combination. I think even if you had not a single ornament or porch seat or swing or flower, the place would still look lovely just with the geraniums.

    Over here in England we don't generally have porches as you know them so it's great to be invited over. Thank you. And thank you for calling at ours, It was great to meet you.

    love, Angie, xx

  14. Love your porch especially the swing!
    It would be lovely to sit and chat for a while.

  15. I love it all, the porch swing, the lights, the sweet bird house,the colr scheme. It's all great. I am so gla dthat you joined the party! I think maybe I'll just enjoy your swing for awhile. It's tiring visiting all these porches :)
    Hugs, Rhondi

  16. Such a nice little spot to just enjoy the day :0)
    I also love geraniums :0)
    Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Jojo :)

    I love the name your grandkids call you!

    Anyway, your porch is darling and those lights are so cute. The swing is perfect! I love how everything has a story. I'm into having things that mean something too :)


  18. Your post made me feel so happy! What a cheeful inviting porch you have! I just love the white with the punches of color! How perfect. AND your porch bug is awesome!! My boys would love it :) Thank you so much for having us!

  19. So many great things to comment on! Love the colors...that pop of red! My favorite is the birdhouse. I just love those sweet memories. I enjoyed your Porch Party!

  20. Your porch is so bright and inviting. I love your bugs! How fun!!!! And, the bird nest is so special.

    The sewing machine is perfect there, and I know the bird house must be a treasure for you.

    Thank you for inviting me.

  21. Thanks for taking the time to say hello when you visited my porch. I've enjoyed seeing yours. Love the little handmade birdhouse...very sweet. And I'm a sucker for a porch swing! My husband and I have sure spent many pleasurable hours swinging on ours. :)

  22. Thanks for coming over to my place and for your kind comments. Ours look very similar I noticed. : ) Every porch should have two white rocking chairs. Hee-hee!

  23. Love the way you made your porch ready for labour day.Such a nice thing these porches. Come and visit my (porch)garden party too.

  24. I wanted to say that I love your porch.Such beautiful furniture. Love the sewingmachine table.I have one just like it. We have it standing in the outdoor catrun.Come and visit my party too!! Love to welcome you.

  25. Your porch is so pretty Carol! One of the prettiest I've seen at the Porch Party posts OI was able to look at today and yesterday. I am envious of all you lucky ladies -- my porch only exists in my dreams.

  26. It was just great meeting you today! I had such a wonderful time! Your grandaughters are adorable! And I just love your front porch. Front porches make a home a home, in my opinion! I'm from the country and I love being a porch sitter:) Although here it has to be the back porch as we don't have a front one.
    I can't wait to get to know you better!

  27. I am Glad i found this website.Added to my bookmark!