Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Can't Give It A Break!

We are having an incredible rest at the beach but in spite of the getaway I still have to read my favorite blogs and talk to my sister! My husband caught me in the act on the balcony - on the phone with my sister and reading some of today's posts!


  1. What a gorgeous photo! I had to look twice. You look like a model, Jojo. How you inspire me!
    It must be so nice to get a little r and r at the beach. Enjoy it! Reading blogs and keeping up with loved ones can also be a way to unwind. Hee, hee!

  2. I knew it. I think this blogging is an addiction. Not a bad addiction, I'm still able to carry on my normal activities... somewhat,but knowing those good stories are "out there" just waiting to be read! We're going away for the weekend and I have no laptop so pray for me!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  3. You look so pretty!
    I hope you're having fun!

  4. I love it! That would be me on my laptop at the beach, no doubt. Ha.