Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Even Though I Dream, I Love Where I Live!

While it's great fun to dream of living in other places, I love my neighborhood and I want to share some photos with you.

We're a front porch neighborhood with lots of really cute houses that come in all sorts of colors.

The houses have some terrific details.

including characteristic lights that hang from trees

that make our neighborhood look magical at night.

We have our own font for house numbers.

and other cute things.

There are lots of gardeners, painters, stained glass makers, mosaic artists, bikers, grandparents, young families, a jewelry maker, army officers, a well-known pastry chef, a bee keeper (we have our own neighborhood honey) and a landscaper. In other words, we are a VERY diverse group of neighbors with diverse interests but with a great appreciation of each other. My husband and I used to live in a small town but we finally found what we were looking for when we moved into our neighborhood. I just remind myself of what Dorothy said - "there's no place like home" and I think we found Kansas.

We call this house our little white house.

I am so glad that you stopped in to visit with me and my wonderful neighborhood.


  1. Oh, my goodness! What a charming neighborhood you live in! I think I'd be much more motivated to get out and walk every day if I got to pass by houses like these. Thanks for sharing them! :-)

  2. Wow...Beautiful neighborhood. I lived in Portland, Oregon for a few years and it is quite similar to your neighborhood in many respects. You are blessed to live in such surroundings with what sounds like a great bunch of neighbors. I will post about my 'hood soon. PS: Enter me to win that lovely shell frame, PLEASE!!!

  3. Oh you just had to go and post those didn't cha? I've been drooling over these coastal cottages all day and now this!!!

    I need help. I need bloggers annoymous. Only 1 person interested in the trip and that was my cousin. :-(

  4. I love your neighborhood! Thank you for sharing the uniqueness and beauty that surrounds you every day. I'm sure if we all looked around we would 'see' things differently. Take care...jj

    ps...enter me for the frame too!

  5. What a cute neighborhood. Such talented and unique neighbors. I love the butterfly chair.

  6. You seem to live in cottage haven! Gorgeous homes and wonderful gardens!

  7. Such a delightful neighborhood!! With such creative neighbors to boot!!

  8. Oh JoJo I love your neighborhood! It looks right out of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (my favorite magazine) The tree lights are enchanting and I've always wanted a porch big enough for a porch swing.

    How cool that you met Julia Child! I always admired her. Meryl Streep plays her so well!

  9. Fabulous photos you are sharing with all your blogging friends.

    Saw you post about the porch party over at the beach cottage, it does sound like a fabulous idea. Don't quite have one of those but will be interested to see what everyone gets up to with theirs!

  10. g'day

    wow that is one charming neighbourhood, the lanterns and THOSE SHUTTERS, gorgeous, I am looking for shutters at the moment and having no luck, so maybe I am shutter challenged lol!

    see ya at the beach...


  11. Wonderful houses and gardens, JoJo!
    I just love them and thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Eva Agnes

  12. That really is charming and I do like the font on the numbers! Also, like the black wicker chairs....thinking about painting my front porch rockers black (to hide the mildew!). Linda