Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Visiting a Villa

On Sunday I volunteered for a charity event that was hosted by someone that lives in a home with a name. It may be commonplace in Europe for even small cottages to have a name and in fact, my husband and I stayed with friends in their tiny cottage called White Horse Cottage but it just isn't common to know many homes in my area with a name. Growing up in middle Georgia most of the surrounding farms had names (my favorite was One Horse Farm owned by the Crenshaws) but as far as I know the only names were applied to our subdivisions and streets.
The name of the home where the event was held was Villa di Luci. I should have done a bit of research about the homeowner before the day of the event because it might have helped me better understand and prepare for some of the peculiarities of the volunteer experience. It was quite interesting to assist with set up as the owner directed the placement of most every item being mindful of the rules of feng shui and being careful not to interrupt the flow of chi. It was a big deal just to set up the ticket tables. Even an outdoor tent had to be rearranged during the event because of the shifting of the sunlight!!! It was a fun event and I met some very nice people but it was an"experience" to say the least.
Please notice that one of the pillows by the pool was not perfect (bad chi I think)...oh well...it makes me chuckle to myself. Hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. The windows are awesome .... the pool ok... but the staircase .... deeeevine....


  2. Ohhh...elegant!! You are too funny about the pillow!! So this villa is near Macon somewhere? I will have to google it! I would have loved to see the plate collection that you mentioned in your comment!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!...Debbie

  3. Love the photo of the windows....they seem serene. The pool pic is funny, as is the story! Thanks for sharing...and I'm thinking of a name for my home...;D

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leave a comment!
    Love the stairs! Beautiful pics!
    Have a nice day!

  5. I have always been tempted to name our house. We talk about it sometimes, but then we start making up funny names and get totally sidetracked.

    I guess it's just The House of Edward!

  6. If I was to name my house it would certainly be called THE MONEY PIT just like the movie:) Mah Jong is a fun game to learn. I took a few lessons once and was dizzy with all the passes one way and then to the other and every year they change the card. I hope you have fun learning to enjoy your gift from your exchange students Mom.

  7. How interesting! Looks like it was an amazing home. I guess whatever makes a person feel comfortable is the right way to go. :-)