Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lipstick Jihad

I just finished reading Lipstick Jihad and loved it. My girlfriend recommended that I read it as she has heard me share stories about being in an interracial marriage and facing challenges in raising a family and she thought that I would identify with many of the thoughts expressed in the book. In our house not only were there 2 cultures, there were 2 religions and we were living in rural Georgia. It is almost impossible for me to share the experience without getting somewhat emotional.

Lipstick Jihad provides a glimpse of life in Iran so the current headlines about Roxana Saberi has captivated my attention. The book is a wonderful memoir written by 24-year-old Azadeh Moavani. She is a young Iranian woman who grew up in California but decided to live and work as a journalist in Iran. As a young adult she shares the challenge of discovering who you are and where you belong. For those from mixed cultures or in this case, in diaspora, finding your place is a challenge, almost a quest.

Having just finished the Lipstick Jihad, I felt that I learned so much about Iran today and because this is all so recent, the headlines about Ms. Saberi has an extra connection. I will continue to pray for her swift release.


  1. Wow. That must have been challenging, Jojo. But you truly inspire me. You must have wonderful stories! I had a three year relationship with someone from Iran. That alone, as quite challenging. I found a copy of this book to read online tonight and I have been reading and reading. This is a topic very dear to my heart.
    Thanks for passing it on.

  2. This book sounds fascinating. I am going to head over to Amazon and order it asap. Thanks Jojo!

  3. I haven't read this but it sounds like a must, xv.

  4. This sounds like a very interesting book, Carol! Although my husband and I are of the same religion our cultural differences were very different. He is from Southern Italy, and his family had a hard time accepting me as a non-Italian. I learned to assimilate all I could to his customs and culture and that helped a lot.

    The Saberi case seems so unfair --I do hope They will allow an appeal and that our government gets more involved with assuring her freedom!

  5. The Saberi case should be front and center on the new but seems to be pushed aside which makes me fear for her safety. Thanks for suggesting the book. My DIL is Iranian and I will tell her to read this book too.