Saturday, January 13, 2018

Rene del Toro

Have you ever connected with an artist?  You know what I mean. It's that feeling of emotion you get when you see the artist's work, the same way you might get goosebumps when you hear certain songs.

Early last year I discovered a wonderful Mexican artist, Rene del Toro.  He lives in Mexico City and you can find him every Saturday at the market in San Angel neighborhood. You will find lots of artists in the Plaza San Jacinto but Rene del Toro is more likely to be found in the neighboring Plaza del Carmen.
Saturday at the Plaza San Jacinto
When I saw Rene del Toro's work it was love at first sight.  I purchased a wonderful and lively piece to bring home but it was small and I kept thinking that on my next trip I would go back to purchase another one of his works.
Mexican Country Life by Rene del Toro
This artist identifies his work as Naif Art meaning that he isn't formally trained but in reading about this art form, he's in good company. Naif art will most often be simplistic and unbalanced but expresses joy, happiness and spontaneity. It is said that naif artists paint from their soul and I believe it.

Some people collect specific things when they travel. For me it is almost always a piece of art.  I usually buy a small piece and I have a wall in my dressing area where most of these paintings are mounted. But not these items by Rene del Toro.  I put it in the entrance of my house so that I can start and end my day seeing the colors, the dancing, family and celebrations.
The work of another artist I really enjoy
Later in the year we had some vacation changes so at the last minute we ended up planning another trip to Mexico. I was excited about being able to go again with hopes of being able to purchase another one of Rene's works of art.  Rene had given me he email so I emailed him (or at least I thought it was him) in advance letting him know that I was coming.  He sent me his studio address and I thought we had a plan. While we were in Mexico City we drove over to his studio in Coyoacán but we couldn't find him. He didn't answer his phone and I'm here to tell you I was disappointed.  I found out this past weekend that it was his son I had been emailing so I don't think he was as interested in connecting with a client. Nor, perhaps, did he realize that I was serious about buying a painting.

But finally last weekend I was able to meet up with Rene del Toro and purchase another one of his paintings. This was a Christmas gift from my husband (which, I promise, was well-received) so I'd planned to purchase a larger painting. 
One very happy customer!
As we parked the car and began walking around the plaza I was nervous. What if he wasn't there? Had something happened to him when he had failed to respond to my call? I'd had no communication with him since last October so there was no way to know what had gone wrong. But then we entered the park and I saw him.  He only had a few paintings on display but he was there and I was thrilled!!  

So what do you think? 

This piece is about 3 1/2 feet high and about 2 1/2 feet wide so it really adds cheerfulness to the entrance of our house. And of course I couldn't walk away without purchasing this beautiful Tree of Life sculpture. Pure happiness!

When you travel, what do you collect?

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  1. Beautiful art pieces that would add charm and colour to your rooms. I like to collect photos, and then print them and frame them for our walls. Also, linens, for the table, usually.