Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today We Walk #JeSuisCharlie #Atlanta

Today I'm very proud to join with the faculty, staff and members of the board of the Alliance Française d'Atlanta as we walk together silently to show our support for the victims of the massacres and their families.  One of our board members, Maria Saporta, has provided details on the Atlanta walk on her publication website. Please join us if you live in the Atlanta area.  

My grandgirls were extremely lucky to have been able to spend a few years living in Europe and during their years they made several trips to Paris. 
 If you ask my youngest granddaughter to tell you about her favorite vacation spot she will quickly tell you about Paris.  She loves it. And my guess is that most of you reading this blog who've had the chance to visit the city feel much the same.  
This afternoon I will be walking as an ambassador for AF and I will also be walking for my granddaughter.  Peace, love, tolerance and kindness.  Let's not just share it, let's stand up for it.