Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year. Let's Travel!

We are back from the holidays and what a special holiday celebration we celebrated.  Most of our family traveled to Portland, Oregon to spend the New Year with my daughter and we had such a wonderful time with 5 days of sunshine and wonderful memories.  We didn't have much time for quiet contemplation or reflection to be able to make many resolutions but on the flight back home I did decide on one thing - before one vacation ends, start making plans for the next vacation!  And I think this is one resolution I won't have any trouble adhering to and in fact  I've got one trip exciting trip booked and another trip idea simmering in head!
2014 was a wonderful year, hard, but wonderful.  My son and his family moved to Georgia after living in Europe for 4 years.  It has been life-changing to have my granddaughters just two hours away.  During the past year I faced new challenges in being able to juggle all that needed to be done at any given time but I came out at the end of the year having learned and grown in the process. The juggling challenges resulted in lots of personal and professional growth.  
The most exciting part of my year was travel. Being able to see the Taj Mahal, tour Rajasthan, visit San Miguel and the south of France was significant.  My travel bucket list is long and I was thrilled to be able to fit these trips into a really busy year and I'm looking forward to more exciting adventures in the new year.  


  1. What an exciting year! Where next...England maybe?

    1. Elizabeth, Provided we get our visas, we are going to Saint Petersburg and I can hardly wait! (I think I spent too many Sunday afternoons watching Dr. Zhivago and Nicolas and Alexandra!).

  2. Sounds so exciting. I love travel, but with a new baby coming and my Mom living here now I will have to slow it down I believe.

  3. Such a wonderful, exciting life you have . . . I love living vicariously . . .
    Happy, HAPPY New Year!

  4. Jojo, you'look have to get a fox hat and take a photo of you in a sled if St Petersburg works out! Love that your grands are close!

  5. Such a great year - hard and good often come hand in hand, don't they? I love to travel. We have a trip out east planned for June (Canadian Maritime provinces) and a short vacation to Mexico later this month. St. Petersburg sounds fascinating.

  6. Happy and healthy new year! What an exciting year you had in 2014, JoJo! I hope your plans to visit Russia go through!

    My husband retired and we have been busy watching our granddaughter during the week, and now our son and DIl expect another baby in late spring, so travel is limited for us right now, but we do dream of taking some trips in a few years. Right now we have loved exploring Colorado and the American West. The natural beauty of the land out here is fabulous!

  7. I really like the image of the wall with the dog walking in front of it.
    Great light and wonderful colours.