Sunday, April 29, 2012

Georgia Market Bulletin

 Every year for as long as I can remember I've enjoyed reading the Farmers Market Bulletin.   I'm not a farmer but I did grow up in an agricultural area and have spent many a summer in the field or in the yard, picking, shucking or shelling by the bushel.   

Until now I'm still a big fan of the Bulletin which has ads for just about anything agricultural you might need.  Equipment, animals, bees, land, etc., and also recipes but my favorite listings are the plants.   
Thanks to Summerhill Seeds for the photo
 This year I bought seeds, yellow datura, ginger lilies and found a new friend!  In the bulletin you can also post items that you are looking for and there was someone looking for a swamp hibiscus.   I called the number posted in the ad and what do you know, Ruth lives just 5 minutes from my house.   She stopped by to pick up her swamp hibiscus and brought me a tree lily!  I'd never heard of such but it's already about about four feet tall and can reach heights of eight feet or so.   Ruth brought several other plants including lemon balm and we had so much fun going through my beds picking out other plants we could swap out.   
My mother always told me never to say thank you for a plant, and before I could tell Ruth we shouldn't say thanks, she reminded me that we better not thank each other for the good health of our plants (I'm so superstitious)!  Instead exchanged lots of hugs and decided to keep in touch so that we could continue our swaps.  This week Ruth sent me a beautiful card with the sweetest note. 

The Market Bulletin is more than just ads, articles and agriculture, it's a connection to some of Georgia's finest.  It was great to meet you Ruth.

Today as soon as I link up with The Tablescaper, I'm heading out to the garden.   


  1. Well this is amazing, this is the second post I've read today about swapping flowers and that is what my post is about today too.!!!! I love that yellow datura--never seen those and they are spectacular. I don't know if we have something like that here but I will check out some local newspapers.

  2. I love the idea of "pass along" plants. I think that's the way gardeners think! I've never heard of a tree lily. Looks like a great swap. The yellow datura ginger lilies look pretty. I'll look for these too. ~ Sarah

  3. What fun, Cheryl! I have a few plants that I dug up form my mom's and my grandmother's yards and they are my favorites. That's a good way to get those heirloom plants! I see you have ginger lilies now. That was one of the plants that came from my mom's yard and I love it...smells so sweet! Once they are in bloom, start looking for hummingbird moths at dusk...amazing! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. What a wonderful thing to find a neighbor to swap plants with! Your gardens are lovely and now has even more amazing plants to share! Hugs, Linda

  5. What a sweet tradition - I'd never heard about not saying 'thank you' for a plant. I've never heard of Swamp Hibiscus or a Lily Tree - exotica!

  6. Such a great idea and a great way to bond with neighbors!

  7. I think that is such a great idea! She seems really sweet. sandiea

  8. Such a wonderful time of year. Thank you for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper