Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter at the Grove Park Inn

 This post might end up sounding a bit like an advertisement though it's not meant to be.  It's just that we are having so much fun.  Back in early February we booked a long Easter weekend stay at the Grove Park Inn in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.   I booked the Easter weekend package and shortly after making the reservation, a hotel staff member
sent me a brochure with the schedule of activities.  Based on what I saw I knew it would be fun but the girls have had more fun than we ever imagined. 
We started our visit going to Ridgecrest and Black Mountain. 
  From the time I was about five years old we spent two weeks every summer attending the church camp and I haven't been back to visit the area since 1970.  
  In fact, it was at Ridgecrest that I watched the historic walk on the moon.  The apartments we stayed in on July 20, 1969 have now been torn down but I enjoyed sharing the story with the family. 
I was amazed that this hotel on Tunnel Road was still open. 
  When I was a child I thought it would have been so exciting to stay here at the Mountaineer Inn.  
So yesterday was spent driving around the area and today was the official start of the Easter weekend festivities.  
One of the only quiet moments for the Easter rabbit
 We made bonnets, participated in the Easter parade and had two hours of coloring eggs, 
 decorating cupcakes, 
balloons, facepaintings, making flowers 

 and enjoying delicious homemade lemonade.  
There's also been plenty of swimming, hiking and touring the antique car museum, not to mention dancing, rocking and just relaxing. 

Tomorrow is the Easter service, egg hunt and a brunch before our fun weekend is over.  
We decided this place should be called the GRAND Park Inn!   
Happy Easter.  
Of course I'll be joining The Tablescaper for this very special Seasonal Sunday.


  1. We've visited Ashville and stayed at the Grove Park Inn, but never with children. It never dawned on me that they would enjoy it, but your post has me re-thinking that! Happy Easter!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  2. What a great weekend! I love the mountains and this looks like a lovely place to stay!

  3. Oh it looks so fun! I bet the girls will remember this forever! You all look joyful.Happy Easter dear blog friend

  4. I can imagine that Grove Park Inn would be a wonderful place to celebrate Easter. Thanks for suggesting it and for sharing your Easter celebration. The girls looks liked they were having a grand time.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter,

  5. Looks like a great time for everyone. Beautiful place with lots of fun activity. xo

  6. I love Asheville. My high school girlfriends and I were there for several days a few months ago. We rented this really quaint house that was perfect for all of us. We went on a tour and stopped by the Grove Park Inn...such a fabulous place. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. The girls are just so cute and look happy as can be. Happy Easter to you and yours...have a blessed day and a safe trip home.

  7. The GPI is one of our most favorite places to recharge and regroup. Once we got iced in up there over our anniversary, and that was the best.

    Thanks for sharing. I don't thing we have ever gone for Easter.

  8. This looks like such a pretty place to share a holiday with your family! Your grand girls are getting so big and look so much like you, Cheryl. Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

  9. Cheryl, looks like you all are having a grand time. The Grove Park Inn is a special place, and of course Asheville is a fun town. Happy Easter to you and the family. ~ sarah

  10. wow. This place is beautiful. I wish someday I could go there. Your grand girls are beautiful.

  11. I grew up near Asheville, so I was thrilled to see this post, Cheryl! My first big dance was at the Grove Park Inn. And to see the tunnel and the Mountaineer Inn still there...what fun! Sounds like you had a fabulous Easter!...hugs...Debbie

  12. Are you gone already? I had hoped to meet for coffee, but it looks like you kept really busy....We love the Grove Park Inn and Asheville. Glad you had a wonderful time while here.

  13. We didn't stay at the Grove Park, but did visit. Such a lovely place. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays this Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Oh what fun! Your photos say it all. The girls look like that had a ball and you have a lovely family, Jojo...Christine

  15. Oh my gosh. I would so love to take my Grandlittles to this place!

    What a glorious setting. I love all the activities and the happy looks on all of your faces!

    I'm bookmarking for this 'someday'!

  16. Ashville is one of the most magical places on Earth! What lucky young ladies your granddaughters are. And YOU, JoJo, are a very special grandmama. Well done!

  17. Everyone looks to be having such a good time!....although granddad looks appropriately puzzled over the Easter bonnets!