Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Venus and Jupiter Dance

Did you get a chance to sit out under the stars last night?   It was pure romance sitting under a beautiful clear sky during the blue hour, watching Venus and Jupiter shine brightly.   Click here to learn more about this stellar event. 

I'm hoping for another show tonight.


  1. We saw them while out for an evening walk, but weren't certain which planets they were. How fun to find this information on your blog.
    Tonight we'll be much more knowledgeable.

  2. so glad you got some pics as we are having a lovely, not, snow storm here...five inches at the ocean! I haven't seen the blue sky in quite awhile..;j

    1. Oh how I hope you are able to sit outside soon and enjoy this heavenly view!

  3. I missed it - wonder if it is too late now. sandie

  4. What a cool my other house we had so many trees that I never knew that stars were in the sky every night.....But at the new house we have a wide open sky to look up at....we love to sit in the spa at night and just "star gaze"....

  5. I saw them each night when I took the dog out. It was quite a sight and I was glad that after rainy days, the sky was clear.