Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is It Easter Already?

I was in D.C. all this week so while I’ve thought about the season, mostly I was holdup in a hotel with lots of meetings, dinners, etc.  Now it’s time to focus on the season with THE most beautiful colors.  The world seems to go from brown to pastel in a matter of days with some of the softest, most beautiful fragrances found in nature floating through the air.  I love spring.  
 Currently scents of lily-of-the-valley, banana shrub (a life-long favorite blossom) and viburnum Korean Spice Carlesii create the most delicate fragrance everywhere you walk in my garden.  Being outdoors right now is a gift from heaven above.
So now that I’m home I’m focused on the season and I’m very excited to have the grandgirls for the holiday!!!   We’ve got a GREAT weekend planned and I know I’ll soon have photos to share but meanwhile we’ve bought new dresses, straw handbags which are going to double this year as their Easter baskets and they are filled with goodies.   Lots of plans and I’m looking forward to getting away for some family time.

One thing I realize as I’ve gotten older is that I miss some of the special small details that used to be a part of Easter.  For instance, remember when hat and gloves were required for Easter Sunday?
Or what about the sugar eggs?
 I played with many a paper doll and treasure the memories of imaginary play.   Just in case you decide to do something nostalgic during the week, here's a link to a very special activity.
No matter what you are doing this week as we celebrate the Easter season, I hope you are enjoying spring. 

Today I'm linking up with The Tablescaper to enjoy Seasonal Sunday. 


  1. so pretty! Spring is rather slow getting here but I am trying to have patience...sounds like you have great plans for you grandgirls...enjoy!

  2. Such a fun post with a walk down memory lane. Your plans sound like fun. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. Thanks for the memories! I loved having a hat and gloves when I was a little girl. I remember my favorite pair having a a little bow with pearls.
    Enjoy your family!
    Happy Easter.

  4. THANKS SO MUCH for the link! I loved, loved, loved paper dolls as a little girl. I think I'll try this with my granddaughter on Friday. I'm keeping the 2 grands all day and they always think I should have fabulous activities planned for them. I think I may have spoiled them a little too much. Hope you enjoy your Easter and know you will with the grandgirls to play with:)

  5. Lovely photos and posts.
    Happy Easter Wishes
    Eva Agnes

  6. Oh boy, do I ever remember when hat and gloves were required for Easter Sunday! I had that same one as Marlo Thomas!!!!!
    Orchid corsages, too!!! I loved getting those!!

    I hope you have a blast with your grands & capture lots of fun memories to share.
    Happy Easter to you & yours, Cheryl,