Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling Like Spring

I don't really like winter so I couldn't be happier about the mild winter we've been having.  It's actually been inspiring and encouraged me to get out and work in the garden a little earlier and plan some weekend events that would normally wait until after Valentine's day or beyond.  Somehow I've managed to pack my weekend calendar through the Easter weekend (of course there are a few work trips in the mix as well).   My goal for the new year was to try to work a little less and I'm really trying to make it happen. 
Yesterday I got up early and headed out for a class at the Atlanta History Center.   I'm a member at the the AHC and I  love having access to so many unique classes and programs designed for members only.   Yesterday I attended a fantastic members only genealogy class.  In the coming weeks there are two more programs that I'm sure I'll be blogging about - I'm so excited about both of them!!!

One of my very closest work friends retired last year so I'm having to make time to see her.  Honestly, she is so busy since retiring!  Not only is she taking two language classes, yoga, drawing and piano lessons, she manages to help with her four grandchildren and care for her mom.   She said it took her a total of three hours to adjust to the retirement life...I can't wait! 
Yesterday we met for lunch at the cutest place called Souper Jenny!  
 When we arrived there was a long line but it moved quickly and the soup was worth the wait.  I enjoyed the lentil and apple soup - so unique.   

This is one of the few eating establishments I've visited that has a play area for children.  BTW, it's just around the corner from Boxwoods so you can do a little souping and shopping!
At the end of the day it was fun to come home and do some baking of my own before heading out for a chili party last night.  
Apple tart - yum

Getting out more, working a little less, learning something new and visiting with friends.   

Today I'm linking up with The Tablescaper to celebrate Seasonal Sundays #86.  


  1. "Getting out more, working a little less, learning something new and visiting with friends."
    Cheryl, you could have written that as advice for me. That will be my mantra this week!

  2. It's great that AHC offers classes in genealogy. How long have you been researching?..or have you just started? Metro Atlanta has so much many great restaurants. Wish we lived closer to some of them. It really has seemed like Spring yesterday and today. I was out pruning the fig tree a bit. Looking forward to hearing about other classes you take.

  3. Good advice, Cheryl. Cute name for a soup place! I smiled when I read the list of things your friend is involved in now retired. I retired in 1998 and wonder how I ever had time to work. LOL
    Have a great week ahead. ~ Sarah

  4. I love your advice for ramping into retirement. I'm with you on it as well. Each day I try to read more inspiring blogs, stress less about my work, and visit more with friends. Have a lovely week. ~CJ

  5. I love hearing all the ways you avail yourself of the countless opportunities in your beautiful city, JOJO. My husband and I are on our way back to St. Louis after another visit to see our daughter. I fall more in love with that area on each trip.

  6. I'm so places to visit and yummy unique places to eat! I'd love to visit...although I do prefer living in small towns. I don't really like winter all that much either but I don't think I'm ready for all this pollen. I'm worried too that with everything blooming it may get cold again and kill everything. It's sure been a strange year! Sure hope we'll have a mild summer too...but it will probably once again be hot as blazes!!! I love genealogy...have never taken a lesson but have done research for about 20 years! It's very interesting but time-consuming and sometimes sooo aggravating when you can't find proof that you need. Have fun!

  7. Mmmm! That your pictures look delightful and make me extremely hungry! Who would've thought- lentil and apple?!

  8. I think y ou get to go to the most wonderful and interesting places! Wonderful. sandie

  9. I adjusted pretty quickly to retirement, too, Cheryl. It is all a matter of fanning the fires of old interests and finding more new ones to keep busy.

    I love the sound of that soup and your apple tart looks delicious!

  10. That did not take her long to get busy again! What fun! What a nice and fun place to have lunch with a friend!

  11. Apple soup and an apple tart all in one post! I LOVE apples and may have to do some cooking this weekend! I haven't been to Boxwoods, but have heard about I may have to check it out! Have a wonderful weekend, Cheryl! Stay warm!...hugs...Debbie

  12. Oh you will love retirement! I don't know how I worked all those years!
    Looks like you had a good afternoon with your friend.
    The tart looks great!
    Enjoy the weekend. Here from Seasonal Sunday! I am slow getting around! :)