Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This morning as I got on the train I headed for the first vacant seat only to encounter these.  

All day I've been wondering about the story of the shoes left behind. 


  1. Cheryl, this would make a great creative writing starter. Love it! Does make you wonder. ~ Sarah

  2. If whomever left them is as big a shoe fanatic as I am, she got thoroughly sick when she realized she left them. Sure hope they get back to the rightful owner. Of course, she probably wasn't wearing them because they were killing her feet!

  3. Here's MY guess:

    Miss Beautiful got up this morning and dressed to the nines for her business day. Knowing that she had several blocks to walk to get on the train and then several more from the train to her office she opted to wear her Nikes for the walk and carried her shoes.

    Once on the train, she set her shoes down in the seat beside her and began to chat with her neighbor. Oh the chat it was fun and funny! The two girls sat there laughing until the tears rolled down their cheeks.

    Suddenly, in what seemed like much to short a time, she saw that it was her stop. She jumped up, waved good-bye to her fellow commuter and ran, comfortable I might add, on to work.

    Now - - - the REAL question is, how did she MANAGE her business day in those Nikes?????

  4. What pretty shoes to leave behind.
    What a great post.

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  5. I just took one look at those killer heels and I knew that the shoes had been abandoned. OUCH!

  6. Those shoes are gorgeous. Not for me to walk about in, of course. But you could certainly make a story out of them.
    Hugs Eva Agnes

  7. Fascinating, but more importantly, they're a fabulous pair of shoes...are they your size by chance?

    (I wear a size 8, btw)

  8. I could have been me, I have flat shoes to drive and walk but heels to impress.