Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blend Custom Parfum Studio

In an earlier post I mentioned that my friend is getting married and I've been searching for the perfect wedding gift.  Finally this week I decided on the gift and it was so exciting because I got to be a part of the process.

This month, Jezebel Magazine named Blend Custom Parfum Studio one of the "ten things that people in Atlanta are buzzing about."   I met the owner of the shop, Susan Sexton, at an event last fall that was held at the Alliance Française.  Recently I reached out to her for help with an event I'm helping with at work and while meeting with Susan the thought occurred that every bride needs a special fragrance on their wedding day!   With that thought in mind, Heather and I headed out to Blend yesterday at lunch and I sat in on the session as Heather created her own wedding day fragrance.

Blend is part of a co-op and is one of several shops in this lovely cottage.  The bridal lovelies inside are custom designs so everything is unique.   From jewelry, shoes, invitations, wedding dresses, to fragrance, everything can be designed and custom-made at Paisley Umbrella. 
The process began in Susan's studio where she and Heather went straight to work, smelling bottle after bottle of scents.   We took several "nose" breaks during the process so it took a little longer than expected but at the end of the session, Heather walked away with a beautiful ivory-colored silk pouch containing a bottle of perfume that is absolutely unique.  Heather named the fragrance Monsura.  Isn't that a beautiful name?  Somehow it smells similar to how it sounds - rich and exotic.
If you live in Atlanta and your are looking for a fun and unique thing to do with a small group of friends, call Susan.  She will do small group parties and how much fun would it be to have your own spring fragrance!!  Be sure to call first - shopping is by appointment only.


  1. What a lovely idea. So unique! Beautiful!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I'll have to tell my Atlanta friends about it. I know your friend appreciated such a unique and unusual gift. Congrats to her on her marriage.

  3. I love the idea of the bride having her own, unique perfume. What a thoughtful gift!

  4. What a special thoughtful gift, I wonder did you treat yourself to a fragrance of your own?
    I would have been very tempted to myself!

  5. How utterly delightful and how sweet of you to give her something that she will never forget. I understand that once you create the fragrance you can forever order it for you and you alone.

    I will have to find it on my next trip to Atlanta!


  6. How absolutely adorable is your blog header photo!? Those girls are too beautiful, Jojo!

    Personalize perfume, unique to you, fabulous idea! How special for a bride to be wearing her new signature scent at to start off her new life! Love it!

    Great info and tour!

    Thanks so much for visiting me! You are a darling for not forgetting me!

    Cheers n Hugs!