Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Several years ago my sister introduced me to some beautiful ornaments that are part of the Dillard's Trim a Tree collection and each year I've continued to add to the collection.  

The ornaments are cloisonne which means less chances of breakage/damage if something falls or gets knocked off the tree, and each comes with its own velvet box which means storage is a breeze.   

But I collect them because I think the ornaments are beautiful and many of them have meaning.  

We eat lobster for Christmas dinner but that's another story!
The hot air balloon reminds me of my trip to Cappadocia, Turkey and the ride over the valley as the sun came up (confession, my son took the ride, I watched from the ground...fear of heights)!
Coffee is VERY important in our house,

 as is music.
There are the important ornaments that remind my family why we celebrate Christmas.

Of course there are the fun ones that remind us to celebrate and have fun.

Notice the ballet slippers.  I took ballet until a couple of years ago.   
The slippers remind me to dream.   
There are lots more and I treasure each one.  

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  1. Cheryl these are really beautiful. Great collection!

  2. JoJo, these ornaments are gorgeous. I think the fact that you have a collection of these that you add to each year is a wonderful idea. It always makes a statement when like things are grouped together. Your tree must be stunning. Thanks for sharing this collection.
    Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah

  3. Wow JoJo! They are all so beautiful! I love how they each mean something special to you. There are no Dillard's near me ---I'll have to check their online store to see if I can buy some of these pretty ornaments.

  4. Those are so beautiful! I didn't know that Dillards had a holiday ornament collection! I love that they all have meaning for you.

    Can I come over for Christmas dinner? I love lobster!

  5. Oh, soooooo lovely treasures - that looks absolutly great!!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas time and thank you so much, for your lovely comment,


  6. I love them all but I think I'm partial to the cup of tea. Hugs!

  7. i'm swooning!!!!!!!!!!! i've rarely seen such quality, beautiful ornaments.

  8. Oh my gosh...
    How did I not know about these?
    They are drop dead gorgeous.

    White Spray Paint

    I may have to be a copy cat!

  9. I am catching up on reading your blog. Pretty ornaments, and NY photos were amazing. Lucky you to meet another blog gal and a writer too. NYC is magical at Christmas and I had tears in my eyes reading about the GM taking her grands to Radio City. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Hi Cheryl...What pretty ornaments! And I love that they have special meaning to you, too! The coffee cup is my favorite! Merry Christmas!...hugs...Debbie

  11. These are gorgeous...have never noticed them at Dillard's before. I just realized (or had I forgotten) that your name is CHERYL! So is mine!!!